Cytus 维基

真實姓名 Simon Jackson
生日 December 24, 676 NA
年齡 26
性別 Male
Burnt Umber
最高等級 41
音樂風格 Hard-Rock, Metal, Metalcore, Post-Hardcore
Xenon Logo.png

Xenon 是一名在 Cytus II 裏的主要角色,也是在 21 位角色中的付費遊玩角色。在當前版本中,Xenon 的等級上限為 41 級,並有 16 首曲目。




Former guitarist of Crystal PuNK, he left the band after blaming himself for the tragedies that befell his sister and father. An extremely proficient hacker; when he was younger, he acted under the legendary alias "X".


主要檔案: Xenon OS Logs
更多有關 Xenon的資訊: Cherry OS Logs

Xenon has a sense of needing to protect other people and ending criminal activity, as he does work as a security administrator regularly. He has a strong sense of justice, despite being stern and sometimes harsh on his friends and colleagues, being a "no-nonsense" type of person. People seem to find him slightly awkward because of this. Even so, he sometimes softens and acts more laid-back when situations don't seem quite dire, and makes sure to express his care towards others when needed.

Though working towards bringing fairness and justice to the world, his methods aren't always the best or most legal, such as his hacking, which he mostly uses to gain information through unjust means with a coverup identity. This results in him getting wrapped up into situations where he'll often take the blame for someone else's fault only because he wasn't setting a good example to the public. However, Xenon has no desire to stop these acts, and is actually quite stubborn when it comes to either changing methods or receiving help from people he knows in order to slip away safely, wishing for neither of those things.

Xenon used to be in a relationship with Cherry, but they broke up due to unfortunate circumstances.


歌曲 藝人 Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM 發行版本
Inspion INSPION 4 9 13 - 148 v1.0
Whispers in my Head AssHoleBand 2 7 13 - 175-180
Return L DERCoLoR 3 6 11 15 205
concentric Yichen 4 7 12 - 190
Fighting Claymore 2 7 11 - 170
To the Light FUTURE AFTER A SECOND 4 8 12 - 130
Phantom Razor Daisuke Kurosawa 4 8 13 14 183
Black Hole A-Tse & KIVΛ 2 4 10 - 135
Samurai Kobayashi Project 4 9 13 - 160
IOLITE-SUNSTONE Hideyuki Ono x Daisuke Kurosawa 3 7 11 - 164
Sairai Shinichi Kobayashi 2 5 10 - 95
Ultimate feat. 放課後のあいつ やいり 3 8 13 - 190 v1.6
Karma OBSESS 3 7 11 - 138 v2.4
Chosen 既定印象 4 7 13 - 170 v1.6
Violet Yohei Kimura 2 7 14 - 190 v2.7
Asylum Zangief 3 7 12 - 160


  • Xenon 主題曲的編曲者為 KIVΛ 及 Yichen Personal Studio。
  • Xenon 標誌的顏色是燒焦的琥珀色,為一種自然形成的顏料。而琥珀色是由各種化學品(包括鹵素氙)對鐵的氧化作用而產生。
  • Xenon(氙 Xe)為一種化學元素,是週期表上的第 54 號元素。它的主要用途之一是檢測輻射,而使用 Xenon 作為角色自己的名字可能與他的職業有關。
  • Xenon 是唯一一個擁有首次出現在 DEEMO 作為收錄曲目,且該曲目同時收錄在 Cytus II 的角色。而那首曲目是 Sairai
    • Xenon是迄今為止有隱藏曲目的三個角色之一,另兩個角色分別是 Ivy 和Vanessa。
  • Xenon 的配音員是關智一 (せき ともかず)。
  • 根據雷亞 Cytus II Q&A,Xenon 的身高是 181 cm。
  • 根據《Cytus II: Art & Design Aesthetics》中的人物簡介細節,Xenon 的體重為 60 公斤,血型為 AB 型。
    • His guitar's name is Crimson Duke.