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Who Am I?
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解鎖條件[ | ]

音頻[ | ]

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Iris feat. Ruri Matsumura - Who am I?「Official Lyric Video」【Cytus II】

歌詞[ | ]

My grief and sorrow may last through the night.

But I know, my peace and joy comes with the morning.

This emptiness in me, that I have to fight.

Fear and depression, these will not define me.

Oh heavens,

Let me believe that all of my life’s not a lie,

Let me seek the path to freedom from my mind.

Just let me dance, oh let me play,

Oh let me cry out all this pain,

Just let me sing till I find who am I inside.

Who am I?

My hurts and wounds may shackle my path,

But these heaven’s wing will lift me from the grounds.

The memories in me, the lies in the past,

Doubts, hesitations, these won’t hold me down.

鎖碎事情[ | ]

  • 在Hard和Chaos的譜面中,drag音符像一個「?」出現在每一句「Who am I?」的部分。
  • 在Glitch的譜面中,它包含了很多獨特機制:
    • 判定線在變速時改變了顏色,而不是紅色和綠色;
    • UI會混亂和會偶然有一一個錯誤,那就是連擊數和分數會消失;
    • 判定線會在譜面中間改變它的方向(就像V.的Chaos譜面)。
  • 這個Glitch譜面是第一個由探索系統解鎖的譜面,令它是在遊戲中第一個免費的Glitch譜面。

畫廊[ | ]