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Sdorica The Story Unfolds
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Hesitant Blade
Sdorica The Story Unfolds
角色 Graff.J
BPM 180 歌曲長度 2:03

Deemo, Sdorica

版本 封面設計 Shawn Lin
難度 Max Combo 譜面設計
2 100 未知
5 299 未知
10 596 未知

解鎖條件[ | ]

  • Easy、Hard及Chaos:已經解鎖。

影片[ | ]


《Sdorica》 -sunset- OP Animation

瑣碎事情[ | ]

  • 該首與Rayark旗下奇幻策略RPG遊戲「Sdorica萬象物語」合作連動。
  • 此首編曲者實際為Hoskey。
  • On release, at the end of the Hard chart, there was a bug with the notes placed when the scanline slows down, causing them to register before the scanline physically crosses the notes.
  • 於3.5版本前,此首與 Hesitant Blade曾放在NEKO#ΦωΦ曲目裡所有DLC曲包最後面。但在3.5版本有了更動,這兩首編排到另外兩首Sdorica的新曲(Pounding Destination & Stewrica -Cross-)。
    • 於3.6版本,所有Sdorica的歌曲皆移至於 Graff.J的曲目中。

歌詞[ | ]

The darkest valley
The highest mountain
We walk in the name of our brave
The rushing river
The blooming flower
Descended from heaven we embrace

The steps we take
And the pain from journey
Could never ever bring us down
The keys discovered
The new worlds opened
Let's run and catch the dawn

Money, power, fame
We want them all the same
Justice, wisdom, strength
We strive to keep with our faith

Stars keep twinkling
Forget your fears
Build a garden with no more tears

Someday our path
Part ways in the forest we see
I know what you seek
But it isn't for me
I wouldn't change
Won't give in
It's vital to me
Even alone
I'm proud of my beliefs

We chase the light
in darkness where nobody knows
But on different ways
With separate goals
I'll only fight for my honour
Rather than yours
Stay away
I'm on my own road

The time is now
The story unfolds

畫廊[ | ]