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Cytus - Zauberkugel


Cytus OST xi - Zauberkugel (full version)

Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard
3.0 4 9

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    363 on Easy (84.62%), 491 on Hard (77.32%)
  • Hold notes
    40 on Easy (9.32%), 36 on Hard (5.68%)
  • Drag notes
    26 on Easy (6.06%), 108 on Hard (17.00%)


  • There is a triple note in the end of this song in Hard mode that isn't part of the rhythm. Niflheimr's old chart and Catastrophe has a similar issue.
  • The song's time signature changes very frequently, mainly changing from 3/4 and 4/4, changing 2/4 at the end of the main melody, having a 7/4 bar around the middle, and having the song start with a 3/8 bar.
  • The title of this song is in German, and means "Magic Bullet" or "Magic Ball".

Helpful Info[]

Yay! Dancing! And an easy chart for level 9! I was surprised to know this was xi's slowest song in Cytus. Just remember to hype up at every end of the 8 bars! When all is Perfect, the three-note group at the end is not to be forgotten. Overall it's pretty much okay, just be very alert.


So, in order to master this, be quick quick quick. And 3 note tap at the end.


As always with xi songs, this is epic. And although the chart isn't hard, you got to be careful in every part of the song.


This song is quite catchy. If you are first to this song, don't be fooled when you find a big gap at near the end, it is NOT the end. Always keep your eyes on the screen until the line fades out.

Plattie 99

I have to disagree with Pit-Stain on this...Do Not Wake would be my easiest Level 9, closely followed by L on Easy. Still, after playing songs like Laplace and Slit, this song shouldn't be too bothersome. As long as you watch out of the triple note.

  • Triple note suddenly appears* *misses one of them* GAHHHH!!!

The third level9 song I mastered after Colorful Skies and Ververg ver.B. I MMed it once, easy chart, no retries, but I tapped my screen to keep it responsive. If I haven't, then tap the three notes, I would have missed them.

Sofia Xerneas-Yveltal

The second lvl 9 mastered yo! Enemy spotted. Fire Zauberkugel. Target terminated.


Easiest lv9 IMO because it was the only lv9 song I MMed.


This is most likely one of the first level 9 songs that you will master. The chart is a little tricky and needs coordination, but it is accessible to everyone, nothing too complex.