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Cytus - YURERO ~時間は過ぎ去ってイクから~

Difficulty Change log

Version Easy Hard
5.0 4 7

Note Statistics

  • Click notes
    363 on Easy (88.75%), 527 on Hard (89.17%)
  • Hold notes
    5 on Easy (1.23%), 4 on Hard (0.68%)
  • Drag notes
    41 on Easy (10.02%), 60 on Hard (10.15%)


  • This is the longest song in Chapter 10.
  • The title of this song is in rōmaji (Romanized Japanese), which literally means "Let's Shake".

Helpful Info

Almost simple except for some parts where you can fall out on due to timing. And one-finger it to see how you bounce on it! Quite the experimental level 7 (just like Prismatic Lollipops).


Bounce, bounce, bounce, baby! *dun dun da dun dun* Moving on, this song is easy, but can trip you up. It also holds the special distinction of being a song you can MM with only one finger. [997,000 points, :P]

Semi-Squishy 3000

Easier than Hey Wonder IMO.