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Mail_Xenon_702_08_23 23:31:05

Subject: Medium scale abnormal data flow and electrical overload

From: Anonymous

To: Simon Jackson

Security Level: Highest Level.  

SDP protocol activated.

Access Permission: Private Key required

Source Location: [Locked][Dynamic Proxy Server activated]


About the large-scale connection error that just occurred in block (74,02,20) of the server.- About the electrical load overcharge in the Node 08, Quadrant III area that just occurred.

Malicious attack pattern similar to January 18th, 702 N.A. incident detected in that location.Source| Around Quadrant I, can't eliminate possibility of being in the forbidden area.  Reverse tracking activated.Impact| Approximately 79,573 connection location[s] intruded.  Might cause light to medium brain damage.  Node 08 officials have dispatched the city's entire medical staff to provide victims with emergency treatment and care.  A.R.C.'s HQ at Node 08 also stated that they will be providing support for both manpower and equipment.  They will also be investigating the truth behind this incident.

Report Ends

This document has the SDP Protocol activated.  Attempting to input the incorrect private key will result in the deletion of this document and all copies.