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Xenon is a main character in Cytus II, and is one of the 23 playable characters. Currently, Xenon has 16 songs, and maxes out at Lv. 41.


Simon Jackson, aka. Xenon, is a system security administrator who works at A.R.C.; he has access to lower levels of the system. A highly skilled programmer, he is also the leader and primary guitarist of the personal band "Xenon".

The former guitarist of Crystal PuNK, he left the band after blaming himself for the tragedies that befell his sister and father. An extremely proficient hacker; when he was younger, he acted under the legendary alias "X".

After seeing all the victims impacted by the effects of AEsir Fest, he sets out to uncover the truth of what transpired.


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Xenon has a sense of needing to protect other people and ending criminal activity, as he does work as a security administrator regularly. He has a strong sense of justice, despite being stern and sometimes harsh on his friends and colleagues, being a "no-nonsense" type of person. People seem to find him slightly awkward because of this. Even so, he sometimes softens and acts more laid-back when situations don't seem quite dire, and makes sure to express his care towards others when needed.

Though working towards bringing fairness and justice to the world, his methods aren't always the best or most legal, such as his hacking, which he mostly uses to gain information through unjust means with a coverup identity. This results in him getting wrapped up into situations where he'll often take the blame for someone else's fault only because he wasn't setting a good example to the public. However, Xenon has no desire to stop these acts, and is actually quite stubborn when it comes to either changing methods or receiving help from people he knows in order to slip away safely, wishing for neither of those things.

Notable Relationships & Interactions

Character relationships are intimately related to the games story. Read at your own risk.

  • PAFF | Xenon is a long term fan of PAFF and is often called a "Cream Puff" as a result. PAFF and Xenon meet at Kyuu Hou Kai and work together to track down Aesir in the OS Space. During the final battle, Xenon fights alongside PAFF against Vanessa.
  • Neko | Xenon helped Neko protect her family from tax collectors under the alias of "X". They remained friends and composed music since then and Neko eventually developed unrequited romantic feelings towards him. When Neko's stream was attacked by Aesir, Xenon worked to prove her innocence. The two eventually meet at Kyuu Hou Kai and work together to track down Aesir. Following the death of Sherry Pauline, Neko seeks to comfort him but is reputed as being "annoying and worthless". During the attacks by the Architects in Node 08, Xenon saves Neko and her family from Architects. During the final battle, Xenon fights alongside Neko against Vanessa. In the good and neutral endings, Neko comes to support Xenon at his performances and the two go to visit Cherry's grave together.
  • ROBO_Head | ROBO_Head and Xenon have collaborated on songs and often communicate with each other on iM.; additionally, they both worked together to unravel what occurred at Aesir Fest. Following Xenon's arrest for the Aesir attacks, ROBO_Head notes that it's "highly unlikely" that Xenon is Aesir. ROBO_Head and Xenon meet at Kyuu Hou Kai. ROBO_Head allows Xenon to enter the OS Space and confront Ivy. ROBO_Head and Xenon actively fight against the architects during their invasion of Node 08. During the final battle ROBO_Head allows Xenon to fight against Vanessa in the OS Space.
  • Ivy | During the events of Aesir fest, Ivy stole emotion samples from Xenon and consequently erased his memory of the event. After she notices Xenon beginning to catch on to the identity of Aesir in his investigations, she realizes that Xenon will be her biggest obstacle when saving Vanessa. When tracking down Aesir with Cherry, the two encounter and destroy a proxy robot which Ivy had established. Ivy successfully frames Xenon for the events of Aesir Fest, and he is subsequently arrested. Xenon develops a vendetta against Ivy, falsely believing that the drone attacks which killed Cherry were her doing. In the OS space, Xenon and Ivy face off; a battle which he wins. Consequently he is given the choice to exact his revenge and kill Ivy or spare her life. He ultimately chooses the latter option and the two work together to develop a stronger virus which they can use to destroy Vanessa.
  • Crystal PuNK | The former lead guitarist of Crystal PuNK. He joined the band when Joe approached him after seeing his demo. His time in Crystal PuNK was the catalyst to him falling in love with Cherry. When he realizes that Cherry's father had killed his father and rendered his sister comatose, he approached Cherry about it. Xenon's inability to accept Cherry's dark side as the daughter of The Mediator led to them breaking up; without a lead guitarist and vocalist, Crystal PuNK fell apart.
  • Vanessa | Xenon protected Kyuu Hou Kai against Vanessa’s attacks and later protected Node 08 from the Architects Vanessa controlled. While in the OS Space, Vanessa attempts to murder Xenon using an architect emulating the appearance, personality and memories of Cherry. In the final battle, Xenon fights against Vanessa.
  • ConneR | ConneR and Xenon met at A.R.C. where they shared a tenuous work relationship. After destroying Ivy’s proxy robot, the two work together to determine its origin. After Xenon’s arrest he hires Cherry to break him out. On there way to Node 03, ConneR and Xenon have a heart to heart and bond for the first time. After the death of Cherry, ConneR attempts to sway Simon back to their cause. The two fight architects together in Node 08 and later fight side by side against Vanessa.
  • Cherry | Cherry and Xenon met during the formation of Crystal PuNK. The two grew close and eventually fell in love; despite the both of them holding their own secrets they would both comfort and respect each other. Xenon's father, an enforcement agent was shot and killed by Cherry's father, who worked for the gangs; Xenon, unaware that this occurred offered to donate blood to Cherry's father, saving his life. Later he finds the truth behind what happened and confronts her about the event. Consequently, the two break up and Crystal PuNK falls apart. Cherry became the new Mediator for the gangs following her fathers arrest and was tasked with keeping an eye on Xenon as he posed a threat to the gangs. Cherry begrudgingly agreed, and was secretly happy to reach out to Xenon as she still harbored feelings for him. The two meet and together investigate the Aesir incident. In the process they discuss their past and ultimately reconcile. The two gather enough evidence to clear Neko's name and they part ways. Cherry continues to reach out to Xenon but he ignores her. Following Xenon’s arrest, she is hired by ConneR to break him out of jail. Following the jailbreak, the trio travels to Node 03; on the way Xenon and Cherry decide to start their relationship from scratch. When Kyuu Hou Kai comes under attack by Vanessa’s drones the two of them work to protect the headquarters. In the process Cherry falls comatose and eventually passes away by Xenon’s side.
  • Joe | Joe and Xenon were comembers of Crystal PuNK. Despite the stark contrast in their personalities the two grew to become close friends. Even after Crystal PuNK disbanded there friendship continued.
  • Sagar | Despite both working for A.R.C. Sagar and Xenon rarely interact. Just prior to the battle against Vanessa, they temporarily work together to fight Architects.
  • Rin | Despite both working for A.R.C. Rin and Xenon rarely interact. Just prior to the battle against Vanessa, they temporarily work together.
  • Nora | Nora and Xenon work together to track down AEsir in the OS space and develop the virus they use to bring her down. They later work together to bring down Vanessa.


Xenon Free Songs
Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length
Asylum Zangief 3 7 12 160 2:45
Black Hole A-Tse & KIVΛ 2 4 10 135 3:11
Chosen 既定印象 4 7 13 170 2:56
Concentric circles Yichen 4 7 12 190 2:57
Fighting Claymore 2 7 11 170 2:47
INSPION INSPION 4 9 13 148 2:38
IOLITE-SUNSTONE Hideyuki Ono x Daisuke Kurosawa 3 7 11 164 1:59
Karma OBSESS 3 7 11 138 3:01
Phantom Razor Daisuke Kurosawa 4 8 13 14 183 1:50
Return L DERCoLoR 3 6 11 205 2:24
Sairai Shinichi Kobayashi 2 5 10 95 1:59
Samurai Kobayashi Project 4 9 13 160 2:41
To the Light FUTURE AFTER A SECOND 4 8 12 130 2:51
Ultimate feat. 放課後のあいつ やいり 3 8 13 190 3:10
Violet (Cytus II) Yohei Kimura 2 7 14 190 2:53
Whispers in my Head AssHoleBand 2 7 13 175-180 2:42

Result Screen Quotes

"I can't stand this anymore." "Forget about it." "Yes, I quite like it." "Well-Played "You came really close. You'll get it next time. I guarantee it." "These skills... I accept defeat."
"This is not for you." "You need to start from the basics. Understand?" "Not bad." "The music is fantastic." "Mind if I take a look at your tone settings? That sound was incredible." "A perfect score... for real? You are truly awesome."
"...." You did not practice at all..." "Pretty good. However, this is not your best, is it?" "Great work. Looking forward to an opportunity to JAM with you someday." "A machine may be better than JOE, but it's still no match for you." "I'm considering giving you the optic guitar... You deserve it more than me."


  • The theme of Xenon was arranged by KIVΛ & Yichen Personal Studio.
  • The color of Xenon's Logo, Burnt Umber, is a naturally occurring pigment produced from the oxidation of iron by various chemicals, including the halogen Xenon.
  • Xenon is a chemical element that goes by Xe and is element #54 on the periodic table. One of its main uses is for radiation detection, which could possibly tie to his name and his occupation.
  • Xenon is the first playable character with a song that first appeared in Deemo, Sairai.
  • The reasoning for how Xenon can play Sairai is elaborated on in Alice’s story.
  • He, along with Ivy and Vanessa, are the only characters with hidden songs.
  • His guitar's name is Crimson Duke.