What's wrong with ordering milk in a bar?
— Xenon
Real name Simon Jackson
Birthdate December 24, 676 NA
Age 26
Gender Male
Burnt Umber
Max level 41
Music style Hard-Rock, Metal, Metalcore, Post-Hardcore
Xenon Logo.png
OS Logs

Xenon is a main character in Cytus II, and is one of the 21 playable characters. Currently, Xenon has 16 songs, and maxes out at Lv. 41.


A system security administrator who works at A.R.C.; has access to lower levels of the system. A highly skilled programmer and leader/guitarist of the personal band "Xenon".

Has a strong sense of justice and feels the need to protect others. Desires to rid the world of crime through his own methods.

Former guitarist of Crystal PuNK, he left the band after blaming himself for the tragedies that befell his sister and father. An extremely proficient hacker; when he was younger, he acted under the legendary alias "X".


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Xenon has a sense of needing to protect other people and ending criminal activity, as he does work as a security administrator regularly. He has a strong sense of justice, despite being stern and sometimes harsh on his friends and colleagues, being a "no-nonsense" type of person. People seem to find him slightly awkward because of this. Even so, he sometimes softens and acts more laid-back when situations don't seem quite dire, and makes sure to express his care towards others when needed.

Though working towards bringing fairness and justice to the world, his methods aren't always the best or most legal, such as his hacking, which he mostly uses to gain information through unjust means with a coverup identity. This results in him getting wrapped up into situations where he'll often take the blame for someone else's fault only because he wasn't setting a good example to the public. However, Xenon has no desire to stop these acts, and is actually quite stubborn when it comes to either changing methods or receiving help from people he knows in order to slip away safely, wishing for neither of those things.

Xenon used to be in a relationship with Cherry, but they broke up due to unfortunate circumstances.


Xenon Free Songs
Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length
Asylum Zangief 3 7 12 160 2:45
Black Hole A-Tse & KIVΛ 2 4 10 135 3:11
Chosen 既定印象 4 7 13 170 2:56
Concentric circles Yichen 4 7 12 190 2:57
Fighting Claymore 2 7 11 170 2:47
INSPION INSPION 4 9 13 148 2:38
IOLITE-SUNSTONE Hideyuki Ono x Daisuke Kurosawa 3 7 11 164 1:59
Karma OBSESS 3 7 11 138 3:01
Phantom Razor Daisuke Kurosawa 4 8 13 14 183 1:50
Return L DERCoLoR 3 6 11 205 2:24
Sairai Shinichi Kobayashi 2 5 10 95 1:59
Samurai Kobayashi Project 4 9 13 160 2:41
To the Light FUTURE AFTER A SECOND 4 8 12 130 2:51
Ultimate feat. 放課後のあいつ やいり 3 8 13 190 3:10
Violet (Cytus II) Yohei Kimura 2 7 14 190 2:53
Whispers in my Head AssHoleBand 2 7 13 175-180 2:42


  • The theme of Xenon was arranged by KIVΛ & Yichen Personal Studio.
  • The color of Xenon's Logo, Burnt Umber, is a naturally occurring pigment produced from the oxidation of iron by various chemicals, including the halogen Xenon.
  • Xenon is a chemical element that goes by Xe and is element #54 on the periodic table. One of its main uses is for radiation detection, which could possibly tie to his name and his occupation.
  • Xenon is the only character with a song that first appeared in Deemo, Sairai.
    • He, along with Ivy, are the only characters so far with a hidden song.
  • Xenon is, as announced on Rayark's twitter, voiced by Seki Tomokazu (関智).
  • According to a Q&A from Rayark's twitter, Xenon's height is 181 cm.
  • According to the Cytus II Art & Design Aesthetics book, Xenon weighs 60 kilograms, and his blood type is AB.
    • His guitar's name is Crimson Duke.


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