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XYZ was produced by technoplanet and seeks to represent Joe. The music displays a mixture of classical music and jazz.

XYZ aren't only the ""last"" three letters in the English alphabet, they also represent ""unprecedented and supreme"", which is the name of a cocktail. The concept behind it is like before the very end, there's a performance of an extreme combination right at the crucial moment. Of course, what can't be missed is that Joe is the bassist. We hope everyone tastes this glass of fine wine carefully.



  • According to technoplanet, this song is a mashup of Joe's Take me to the Future, Open the Game, Absolutely, Nautilus, and Childish.
    • It also uses a different version of the "one take" soundbite from Turnstile Jumper.
  • "XYZ" is a rum-based cocktail which represents "termination" and "ultimate".
  • The BPM changes are as follows: 154 - 142 - 148 - 154.
  • The letters "X", "Y" and "Z" appear as formations of click-drag notes, click notes and drag notes respectively in the chaos chart.
  • The voice of the count of "1 2 3" in the middle of the song is technoplanet.
  • The song is available in technoplanet's album, Multidimensional Cosmogony.