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Unlock Requirement

  • Purchase the song pack "Muse Dash vol. 2" in the Black Market.


  • This song, along with Floor of Lava, V., Chaos and Abyss -3rd Movement-, Glorious Crown, and FREEDOM DiVE, is one of the only six songs to have the highest possible level for each respective difficulty (Easy 6, Hard 10, Chaos 15).
  • This song, along with V., is one of the only two songs that has a teleporting scanline in its CHAOS difficulty.
  • Drag notes forming a letter C in the Chaos chart is probably a reference to HARDCORE TANO*C.
    • This song also appeared in Muse Dash during the collaboration of Muse Dash and HARDCORE TANO*C.
  • The man on the left of the cover art is actually DJ Myosuke himself; it is unknown whether the other man on the right is actually Gram or not.
  • Despite being a collaboration from Muse Dash, this song was actually released in Cytus II first. In Muse Dash this song is a part of the HARDCORE*TANOC collaboration which released at the same time as the Cytus II collaboration, approximately two weeks after Ver 3.7 was released.
  • In all three difficulties of this song, there are drag notes forming a letter which references that difficulty itself:
    • “E" in Easy
    • "H" in Hard
    • "C" in Chaos