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Chart Statistics[]

Chart Statistics for Chaos
Length 162 BPM 118 Level 9
Scan Line
Minimum Speed 118 BPM Mode 118 BPM Maximum Speed 118 BPM
Note Type
Tap 338 Hold 69 Drag 50
Long Hold 18 Flick 40 Click Drag 0


All the store lights
Shining so bright
Warm the chill in the air
Through their doors stream melodies of winter, winter, winter

In the windows
Framed with fresh snow
Gifts are wrapped up with care
But I all want this year is to have

Winter Games
Oh, fill the cups
Cinnamon kisses from you, from you

Candy canes
Oh, light it up
Nothing else I need
But you

Dreams of nutmeg
Filling my head
Make my memories so sweet
Of you and I brave the weather, oh, together

Singing carols
Throwing snowballs
As I run through the streets
Honey, this year, don't you want to have...?