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Chart Statistics[]

Chart Statistics for Chaos
Length BPM Level
Scan Line
Minimum Speed BPM Mode BPM Maximum Speed BPM
Note Type
Tap Hold Drag
Long Hold Flick Click Drag


My grief and sorrow may last through the night.

But I know, my peace and joy comes with the morning.

This emptiness in me, that I have to fight.

Fear and depression, these will not define me.

Oh heavens,

Let me believe that all of my life’s not a lie,

Let me seek the path to freedom from my mind.

Just let me dance, oh let me play,

Oh let me cry out all this pain,

Just let me sing till I find who am I inside.

Who am I?

My hurts and wounds may shackle my path,

But these heaven’s wing will lift me from the grounds.

The memories in me, the lies in the past,

Doubts, hesitations, these won’t hold me down.


  • In the Hard and Chaos charts, drag notes like a "?" appear whenever the "Who am I?" segment in the lyrics plays.
  • The Glitch chart was added in 3.8 and contains numerous mechanics that are unique: The scanline changes colors other than green and red; the UI glitches and would occasionally cause a bug to where both the combo count and the score disappears; the scanline changes its direction in the middle of the chart (like in V.(Glitch)).