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Unlock Requirement

  • Level Easy, Hard and Chaos: Already Unlocked



Cytus II Xenon AssHoleBand - Whisper in my Head


愛嘶吼樂團AssHoleBand - Whispers In My Head(Demo Version)


The seeds of fear, buried deep inside
Hesitation and uncertainty fulled of my mind
Get away from here, from everything
No consolation, no consolation

In your empty inner world
Empty eyes
I can't stop the pouring tears 
I can't stop the pouring tears

Is there any chance to go back? 
Or just another chance to decide?
Where to go? Waste or face the time?
Is there any chance to go back?
Can I wake up before twilight?
Listen to the whispers carefully in my head
If I died would you be fine?
Would you be fine?

The fear has spreaded, everywhere in my heart
It seems to be collapsed, could not be fixed

Future means nothing 
No gain but pain, that kills me
With no piece of faith 
With no piece of faith 

Don't look behind, don't take all your time
To regret and complain these messes that you can't take
Don't look behind, why don't you start it from here
A brand new day'll wait for you tomorrow

You said you believed, things came to an end
Too hard to take another breath
You wish you can just fly away
But you can't spread your wings 
Falling heavily