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Ilka... Back then... Could you have predicted all this? Hmmph.. Well whatever, I'll just.. sit quietly and watch.. all of this...


Violette is a non-playable character in Cytus II. She serves as the true antagonist in the games storyline.


One of the original members of The Blessed and a fully awakened architect.

The Decommission[]

In the decommission era, she served in an unknown position in an underground prison but was later rescued by Jill who helped her to regain her memories. Following Jill's death and Ilka's reinstatement as the leader of the Blessed, Violette grew concerned that Ilka was no longer fit to lead the Blessed. She betrayed Ilka and decided to lead an all-out war against humanity by rewriting the Hyperion protocol to force all sleepers and half awakened architects to murder humans. She is apprehended by Hedwig and a group of human resistance members who almost entirely destroy her body, leaving behind just her head. Using her last moments alive, Ilka rescues her head and takes it back to the shelter where she engages in a memory transmission protocol to give Violette one final message and an external power supply. After regaining consciousness a few of her brainwashed human supporters rescue her.

Founding A.R.C.[]

In the 200 years that followed, her brainwashed supporters and herself founded the A.R.C. with the stated purpose of improving the human condition. She became the Chief Executive of the organization, though this is unknown to all except a select few individuals. Her time in the A.R.C. allowed her continued work towards enslaving humanity.

Rebuilding the Virtual Internet[]

Violette's primary goal in establishing the A.R.C., was to rebuild the virtual internet. Once it became a resource universally utilized throughout human society, she planned to use the chips to deliver brainwashing commands. This plan was partially realized through the reconstruction of the virtual internet using Vanessa as the core.

Ender Virus Experiments[]

Violette conducted secret experiments to test the feasibility of using the Ender Virus to control the brainwaves of humans. One of her test subjects, E00200, exhibited an immunity to the virus and the development of The Eye of Horus. She decided to keep his comatose body. as once her brainwashing projects were complete, she could issue him commands, using him as a proxy within the OS Space (which she is unable to enter without her core). Summarily, she decided that it is better used as a lethal weapon than a brainwashing device.

Memory Transferal Experiments[]

Violette funded research to develop a technology which would allow for a copy of an individual's consciousness to be transferred into a different body; this project was headed by Phoenix Wyle before being passed to his successor, Noah Black. Violette planned to use this technology to copy her consciousness into another, more functional, body. This failed because of irrevocable damage to her connection ports which prevents external connection. Additionally, the technology was designed for use by humans. However, the memory coding for architects and humans are completely different; consequently, she could not code a memory transfer for architects without revealing her identity.