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Chemical Star
Icon Artist ani Genre Pop
Vocal B Cover Art IGNIS Chart Design No Info
Number 1-2 Difficulty Max Combo
Length 1:52 Easy 4 315
BPM 190-126.7 Hard 9 500


「Lyrics」Ververg ver.B - Ani feat

「Lyrics」Ververg ver.B - Ani feat. B(Cytus)

Ververg long version (A and B)

Ververg long version (A and B)

Difficulty Change LogEdit

Version Easy Hard
2.1 4 7
3.0 4 8
4.5 4 9

Note StatisticsEdit

  • Click notes
    262 on Easy (83.18%), 425 on Hard (85.00%)
  • Hold notes
    26 on Easy (8.25%), 33 on Hard (6.60%)
  • Drag notes
    27 on Easy (8.57%), 42 on Hard (8.40%)


Hocuhrwai meirdetai, Hocuhrwai meirdetai 
Schono sonne, ykorondainewa 
Teto nadano gulagoo surinja kakelo isakanedo
Ehgoon esaloh serastonya jarigoon guiseiya
Hocuhrwai meirdetai, Hocuhrwai meirdetai
Schoho sonno, tau'u reinane
Hocuhrwai meirdetai, Hocuhrwai meirdetai
Vresto nesvai tsimia
Schlongte, izovante, ich to hu he nero 

Izmamo, izevrente, muis to nu tehena 

Istewante, mizumemto, quos tanti teheha 

Arumamo, staletto mahakala 

Steh erebalei zuulga 

Reh sogar stonyumanoto 

Reh erristahi soharuto bochellotah 

Seh manaroto 

Hocuhrwai meirdetai, Hocuhrwai meirdetai 

Schon salo sosuurein ehe 

Hocuhrwai meirdetai, Hocuhrwai meirdetai 

Vyesko soran soah mizuya

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • This song is hidden. To access it, go to Ververg in the song selection and touch the torch on the girl's hand while its brightness is at its lowest.
  • This is the continuation of Ververg.
  • This is the only hidden song in Chapter 1.
  • This is the only Level 9 in Chapter 1.
  • The time signature keeps changing from 3/4 and 4/4.
    • The BPM also changes when the time signature changes. It’s 190 in 3/4 and 126⅔ in 4/4.
    • With the scan line being 126⅔ BPM, which is 2/3 of 190, this is the only song that can respond to tempo changes.

The Wikians Say...Edit

FGO's QuickRun:
  • Welcome to the Level 9 gates. This may or may not be your first encounter with a 9, but whatever it is, it kills debutants. The intro would be easy to handle if you got hold of Ververg, but the middle to end portion obliterates users. Key to this is to study the chart and practice.
— MrGZJcool
The continuation of Ververg proved to be beastly for Chapter 1, with a faster Scan Line and congestion in the middle-to-end. This one requires more practice and strategies.
— CookiesNWaffles
This is a tough song. You must have much skill and be able to memorize the middle part of the song, which makes you feel scared and dizzy.
— LcaIebN
Ugh, the middle part! If your fingers hurt after this, don't worry. Practice makes perfect.
— DSZ9
This is my 2nd MMed level 9, and the final song I completed in Chapter 1. The chart looks similar to Biotonic...
— Sofia Xerneas-Yveltal
This was probably the first lvl 9 song that I played. I think I gave up somewhere in the middle on my first try. It isn't hard for a lvl 9 anymore though.
— SerialNo30000324
Actually, I have adapted to this song. Wait... Where's the killer?
— CBeatricia
This is the only Level 9 in Chapter 1, so that's it. It's fairly easy compared to most of Level 9s nowadays, but if you are a beginner starting from Chapter 1, you'll need fast tapping the most to MM it. Two fingers per hand may be good, but don't spam too fast.
— KuwamotoMisuke
So hard... When I spam this song, I get lots of Goods. It's still fun to play though...
— Mentholzzz
An easy 9. (Please don't kill me) Update: Full combo'ed it. BOOM!
— DropletKloud
Obviously the hardest song in Chapter 1. I found it quite challenging. The middle is the most difficult part. There's fast tapping, but stay focused!
— Gmmmmman
Truffly Tips:
  • Welcome to the almighty coordination beast of Chapter I. As mentioned by everyone else, the middle single-double barrage is the greatest blockade this song has to offer. Some people are able to understand this pattern quite well, but if you're not one of those people (like me), I suggest studying the chart in CTViewer. If worst comes to worst, spam will be your greatest ally in is section.
  • Don't get cocky after clearing the middle. The ending can prove to be quite the challenge, as well. Train up those reflexes.
  • TP is a tricky business in this song, mainly due to the aforementioned barrage in the middle, as well as various off-sync parts in the beginning and the very end. There's not much you can do about this, except play the song until the off-sync patterns become ingrained within your mind.
— WheatyTruffles
Co-ordination is the key to MM-ing this song! Don't try spamming, because the notes appear at a rate that is too slow for spamming, but still relatively quick. Instead, try to find the correct timing for the notes! In my opinion, this is one of the easiest Level 9's
— Lemonize
Oh boy, potentially your first Level 9 song! The middle and ending can be extremely intimidating until you realize that the "barrage" of notes consists of solely singles + doubles, which sometimes alternate. A quick study of the chart works wonders for this song.
— Ververg

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