V.R.W (feat. shully)
velkinta feat. Cikado & A-Tse
Velkinta feat. Cikado & A-Tse.png
Character Crystal PuNK
BPM 160 Length 3:10
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Version 2.6 Cover Art Aubergine Chen
Difficulty Max Combo Chart Design
EASY 3 268 ???
HARD 6 578 ???
CHAOS 11 928 ???
GLITCH Not available Not available ???

Unlock Requirement



Cytus II velkinta feat. Cikado & A-Tse - EAjRock


Shadow. Night glow. Paint rebel in my blood.
Sunset. Sunrise. Upon city of mirage.
I can. I will fight till all the lies have been torn apart
coz I’m never a follower in the crowd

Go wherever wind blows
Try blooming like fire tonight
(I’ll wait for you tonight)

Let me feel your pain
Take it away
Feeding on sorrows
Your heart leads you find a new way
Escaping out of the dark
In dystopia
And we are going. We’re going till the day
Last petal falls in promised land

How can we get a chance
Back to the good old days
When we know winters do always have an end
(No. Won’t pull back before revenge!)
When all flowers awaken at the dawn

Go wherever wind blows
Try blooming like fire tonight
(I’ll wait for you tonight)

Coz I’m not afraid
Walk my own way
Lighting up fire
In darkness, a new world awaits
Looking through the glass
In dystopia
Yes, we are fighting. We’re fighting till the end day
Our flowers never fade away

How far is the promised land
In city of gray I walk alone
None of the doors is what I’m looking for
Last petal falls  


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