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Main_Log_149_01_30 04:19:30

Vanessa's situation is not looking good. The intervals between her synchronizations are getting smaller and smaller. There's no way she can avoid it. If the Blessed make a sudden move, Vanessa relies on the protocol, which means.... I don't even want to think about it. I can't let that happen.

I'll have to make a simulation of the Cytus matrix. If I get enough emotion samples and make a miniature version of Cytus, I can use it on Vanessa so she can synchronize. That may be the only way I can stop something terrible form happening to her. But I need more time....

[Edited on 149.02.27 00:00:59]

I've already begun structural calculations on the matrix prototype. It's absolutely crucial that I don't overlook any unforeseen risks.. As for the Blessed.... There's no way I can let them find out what I'm up to....

[Edited on 149.03.25 22:35:49]

Today I found out that none of the Blessed have been sent to District A120 for a month. that's not normal.... By now, they're probably in full control of the system and have separated the work times and locations of the Blessed from everyone else. Which means they've moved on to the next part of the plan.

... If they were able to do that, then they may have already messed with the protocol.

No.... I can't just rush to conclusions. If I remember correctly, their base is located in Shelter 06. That should be where I can find the information I need.