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Vanessa is the main antagonist in Cytus II, and is one of the 23 playable characters. She was released with the 3.0 update. Currently, Vanessa has 22 songs, and maxes out at Lv. 50.


One of the original "architects" created by mankind. Her unit number is OPCI_2501_V. A girl who wishes for a peaceful, kind future, where humans and architects can coexist without conflict.

Due to her weak core, she is more fragile than her fellow Architects, though she possesses a gentle, kind personality.

Shut down for hundreds of years, she was eventually rediscovered by humans. Forcing her to serve as the core of the virtual internet, her interaction with countless records of human atrocities caused a glitch in her system, producing a new persona bent on eradicating humanity.


Main article: Vanessa OS Logs
Further information about Vanessa: Ivy OS Logs

Vanessa is a kind, caring and empathetic architect who wishes for a world where architects and humans can coexist. As Vanessa is a half awakened architect, she lacks the ability to process negative emotions without syncing to Cytus. In a desperate attempt to become awakened, Vanessa forced herself to become less reliant on Cytus and as a consequence all the negative emotions she feels are left to fester in her core.

Ivy awakens 500 years later to find out the world has greatly changed, though Vanessa still remains immobile. Seeking out a way to awaken her, Ivy uses several methods to try and bring Vanessa back, and ultimately succeeds 2 years later, though that proves to be a great mistake, as Vanessa's core is unstable and all she can feel is immense hatred towards humans, which is her main personality trait. The former tries to stop her, though it's too late by then, and Vanessa unleashes havoc onto humanity by means of the Ender Virus. In a desperate attempt to console Vanessa, Ivy kidnaps Noah to help her transfer Vanessa's original consciousness into an empty architect shell; this fails, and as a result Vanessa becomes the head of a hive mind of Architects, each of which now emulate her burning hatred for humanity.

Vanessa can emulate the personality of those who she has absorbed into her consciousness. Most notably, Vanessa has emulated the personality of Cherry to manipulate Xenon, as well as Neko's fans to weaken Neko's resolve. It has also been shown that Colin Neumann Senior was absorbed by Vanessa, although how this happened was never explained.


Vanessa Free Songs
Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length
3:00 a.m. aioi feat. KAMATA JUNKO 3 7 12 180 3:00
Anchor Iris ft. Victor Kong & Ruri Matsumura 1 5 10 110-150 2:45
Blessing Reunion AILE 2 5 12 136 2:23
CHAOS (System Offline) Cytus 4 8 12 140 4:05
Chaos and Abyss -3rd Movement- Ayatsugu_Revolved 6 10 15 180 2:32
Duality 3R2 3 8 12 160 2:33
II-V Ring 3 7 12 150 2:05
II Cytus 5 9 14 130-150 7:25
Incyde YbeLL 4 8 15 180 3:20
Installation (Hidden) SIHanatsuka 3 6 12
Installation VILA 2 4 8
Ra 溝口ゆうき feat. テヅカ 3 8 13 129-226 2:40
Risoluto (Hidden) Freeleaves 3 7 13
Risoluto VILA 4 7 13
Rosa Rubus SIHanatsuka 2 6 11 148 2:41
Syūten Apo11o"COLLAPSAR"program ft. 大瀬良あい 2 5 11 76-96 2:25
THE BEGINNING Cytus 3 5 12 110/140 1:18/1:06-2:20
The End Years Sta 3 6 13 150 2:49
The Whole Rest KIVΛ 4 7 12 13 157 2:31
Used to be KIVΛ 2 5 9 12 140 3:13
V. (System Offline) Cytus 4 8 13 150 3:11
XYZ technoplanet 5 9 15 142-154  2:33

Result Screen Quotes

"Humanity... must not... sur-survive..." "You... are you regularly synching with the matrix?" "Something is not right... can you tell me what happened?" "If only I could be as smart as you..." "Thank you... I feel so much better now..." "So... a better world can be created, together with humans."
"... Urgh! ... No ... NO!!" "L-L-L-Let... let me.. g-g-go..." "No need to worry. Continue trying. It will get better." "Your voice... it makes me feel so calm..." "Humans, they...they can create such beautiful sounds..." "Yes... Can I call you by your name?"
"Humans... k-k-kill... kill... d-d-d-die die DIE!!!" "I... think I m-m-must... synch... with the m-m-matrix..." "... I feel like you're hiding something from me." "The voices... they're disappearing... one by one... " "... Live well, at least until "the very end"..." "Ivy, we promised... we would see the blue flower once more..."


Promotion & Release Trivia

  • On March 14th, 2020, Rayark released a teaser for a new free character. From the dialogue and logo, this character was hinted to be Vanessa.
    • This was confirmed by the release of Cytus II 3.0.

Song Select Trivia

  • In the normal background, the following Cytus I icons can be found on the slider animation:
  • Vanessa has three different song select backgrounds:
    • The initial background shows Vanessa lying comatose in the Library.
    • The second background shows Vanessa lying in the Library and staring furiously at the player.
    • The final background shows Vanessa lying asleep on the floor of the OS space.
      • Like Crystal PuNK, it is currently not possible to revert the background to any previous versions.

General Trivia

  • The theme of Vanessa was arranged by KIVΛ.
    • Vanessa's theme is a distorted version of Ivy's theme; more specifically, it is Ivy's theme run through a bit-crusher.
  • Vanessa is also the name of the human which the operator from Cytus I has memories of. The architect Vanessa and the operator Vanessa are one and the same.
  • Vanessa has the longest song in all of Cytus II, II, which is 7 minutes and 25 seconds long.
    • She also has the shortest song in all of Cytus II, THE BEGINNING (Hard)
  • NEKO#ΦωΦ, ROBO_Head, Ivy, Vanessa, Bo Bo, Graff J., Alice, Hans, Ilka, ConneR and Neko are the only characters with level 15 difficulty.
  • Vanessa is the only free character in the game that has a free obtainable skin. Unlike the other free characters, whose skins are only unlocked via the CAPSO! system.

Ending Trivia

  • Two of the songs for Vanessa are locked by each ending.
    • "Used To Be" is unlocked by achieving the "Neutral Ending".
    • "The Whole Rest" is unlocked by achieving the "Good Ending".
  • The "Bad Ending" does not unlock a song. However, by tapping certain letters on the screen during the credit rolls and forming the words "CYTUS I", you will be able to receive the note skins used in the first game and play with them (this ONLY works with the "Bad Ending" credits):
    • Executive Producer: GuluJam 'C'hang
    • Art Director: Ching 'Y'eh
    • Lead Animator: Kuan'T'ien
    • Lead Chart Designer: Bee L'u'
    • Chart Designer: 'S'am Liu
    • Special Thanks: Crypton Future Media 'I'nc
  • The "Bad" and "Neutral" endings credits also don't show "and you" in the Special Thanks section.
    • This is attributed to the fact that these endings can be achieved with little to no player interaction.

Music Trivia