What's Your PR.Ice?
Wicked Ceremony
Character Ivy
Emotion Samples 02
BPM 121-242 Length 3:00
Cover Art NN Version 2.1
Difficulty Max Combo
Easy 5 374
Hard 9 900
Chaos 14 1561
Glitch Not available Not available

Unlock RequirementEdit

  • Purchase the song pack "Emotion Samples 02" in the Black Market.


Cytus II VIS CRACKED - Frums 【音源】

Cytus II VIS CRACKED - Frums 【音源】


You don't know what it means to be human
You have no way of seeing outside your own humanity
But I can show you
Right here, right now
Let me show you what it means to live without a soul

Trivia Edit

  • During the live Q&A session hosted by official Cytus Discord, Frums explained this track in more detail.
    • "VIS" implies both a screen and the "visor" software one uses to control a system, and "CRACKED" implies "cracked software" and "cracked screen".
    • This track was originally a ROBO_Head song.
    • Though it seems there is a part of dropdead from Arcaea, VIS::CRACKED is not related to it.
    • The vocal at the beginning of this track comes from a speech synthesizer called chipspeech.
  • It is widely acclaimed that the Chaos difficulty of this song is closer to a 15 than a 14.
  • This song is also in Cytus α.

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