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  • The artist "Æsir" is actually ICE and KIVΛ.
  • This song was featured in the Rayark Radio Premier Broadcast
  • An orchestral variation of this song was played live at the Rayark 10th Anniversary Concert
  • This song is in the album "Rayark 10th Anniversary Concert Collection" available on most music platforms
  • "V." used to be the longest song in Cytus II before II was released in version 3.0.
  • This song title is a reference to Vanessa, as "V" is the first letter of her name. Correspondingly, "V", which is the number 5 written in roman numerals, symbolizes the last digit of her unit code.
  • Like CHAOS, the first half of the song is a remix of Cytus songs. Also, CHAOS can be heard throughout the song.
  • These songs from Cytus can be heard:
  • Welcome to Cytus II (Main theme before opening the post "iM SystemÆsir-FEST corrupted data recovery progress......100% ") can also be heard.
  • This song is one of the few that the highest possible level for each respective difficulty (Easy 6, Hard 10, Chaos 15).
  • In the Easy and Chaos chart, a set of drag notes shaped like an inverted and a normal "V" letter can be seen respectively, referencing the title "V.".
    • In the 8-bit crunch version, this V is upside down.
  • A segment of bit crushed speech can be heard before the first drop. It says "Are you there?" and "Wake up."
  • A version where the song was run through a bit crusher is used when NEKO#ΦωΦ, Paff and ROBO Head reaches Lv.55 then open the empty post by Xenon.
    • After the first V. story chart has been completed for the first time, the iM becomes unusably glitched until the unlock requirements for this song are fulfilled and the second of this song’s story charts is completed.
  • In the Rayark's Cytus II TW Battle competition held in Taiwan, this song was played in the final round before it was released.