I'm going to try to make this concise, as I want this message to get across without a chance of misconception or drama.

First of all, I've deleted Cytus. This wasn't for any emotional or situational reason, but rather a fact that became quite obvious after thinking about it for a little while. I no longer like the game. Now, that isn't to say I hate it. I still highly appreciate how ingenious this game was, and to an extent, still is. I also appreciate how much fun it gave me over the two and a half years I played it. But I simply find no more entertainment in playing it. I could go into a whole bunch of reasons as to why that is, but, again, I'd rather just leave it as it is. Again, trying to be concise. I'll simply say that it was around a month after 10.0 was released when my interest in this game completely died off.

Well, what about the Outliers project? Cancelled. You may wonder how I managed to make these lists for so long if Cytus no longer interests me. That's also simple. I just really enjoy writing. And I also really like this community. Because this is a Cytus-oriented site, I tailored my writing to fit the bill. That, and I still enjoy talking about the game. Just not playing it.

There's also another thing. I've been really silent about this matter over the past few months, but I feel like I should be clear about this as well. I plan to give up my roles on this site after Cytus II's release, and more or less become invisible here. I have my reasons for this as well, and I'd be glad to share them on Discord later on.

However, in regards to Discord, I won't be leaving. It's not the community I want to leave; I still have a bunch of fun talking to you guys. What I want to leave behind is the exhaustion that dedicating myself to a game I no longer have passion for brings me. Naturally, I'll be passing on my ownership of the Discord server once the time comes, but I'll still be there as a regular user. Same goes for this Wiki, though you'll probably have to give me a good prod to get my attention. So don't worry, I'm not dying.

If you feel at all bothered by what I've said here, feel free to message me on Discord or my Message Wall, or just leave a comment here. I can ensure you that I've put a lot more thought into these decisions than I've divulged here; I just don't feel like making you all read a multi-page essay explaining each and every one of my reasons. So, yeah. Thanks for listening.

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