Yeah, I know I've been blogging a lot recently. That's because I've been doing a lot over the past month. :P

Anyways, I'd like to quickly bring up a few things regarding past events and the near future. First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who replied to my 10.0 review (whether through the comments or on Discord), as well the responses I received in my Q&A blog. It means a lot that you guys took the time out of your schedule, however big or small it may have been, to ask me questions or leave me a vote of support.

Now, at the time I'm typing out this blog, I've got around three hours until I attend my final class before the almighty saviour known as Fall Reading Week dawns upon me. ...Which consequently means I'll have to spend a good amount of time during this week actually reading, and by extension studying. *shudders*

But, I'll still have a lot more free time than usual, and I plan to do stuff with that time. In regards to where I'll be getting most of that time, I'm going to be heading out to America with my family for the Thanksgiving weekend. Because there's no better way to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving than going to America. Oh well, it's enough of an opportunity, seeing as there'll be no wifi at this location, limiting distractions and allowing me to get sh*t done.

What I hope to get done during the week:

  • Catching up in all my university readings (duh)
  • Finishing my recently started chart for Snowflakes, as well a completely new chart I won't divulge yet c:
  • Beating Undertale, god damnit
  • Getting most of the entries for Top Seven Level 7 Outliers finished

So, yeah. Naturally, as I've mentioned that this trip comes with no wifi, I will be completely absent for around four days. But, upon my return, I'll start releasing entries for the Lv7 Outliers list, as well as (hopefully) uploading my finished chart(s).

And on that note, I'll take my leave. Wish me luck, as I'll be wishing you not to get the place shut down while I'm gone. ;3

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