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Hello ladies and gents, boys and girls, humans and non-organic life forms!

I'm happy to release out the link for a complete album from Cytus II! This isn't your average soundtrack album recorded using YouTube or low quality rippers. It is song files directly extracted right out of the original game!

Declaimer: I did not extract the songs, I only cleaned and formatted the tags better. Unfortunately I forgot who did this, so if someone does claim credit, please thank them!

The Process

Download .IPA file and using a specialized software to read the files, export and save the files as .WAV and convert it to .MP3

Tag songs using MP3Tag or similar tool.

What's Inside the Link?

All the songs from PAFF, NEKO, Robo_Head, Xenon, and ConneR in .MP3 format.

Songs are tagged and folderized according to character.


Event (8bit) version of the glitchy song [name removed because of spoilers]

Album Version

App version: v1.0 (It's the original version)

No Cherry songs or songs from the v1.1 update.

Download Link

I know you are screaming "Gimme the link!!" right now, so without further ado, here's the link!

Download Cytus II Album from MEGA.NZ

I hope this helps you on your journey to a Million Master!

(My original post on Amino )

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