So since I went down a trip on memory lane in the wikia, I decided to open up this blog of Q&A.

You guys can put questions down in the comment section and I will pick those good ones and answer them in the most non-sarcastic way possible.

I will do my best to not offend anyone.

So, fire them up.

Also today marks the 4th year I downloaded Cytus. Coolio.


  • Q (A Fandom User): hi. guess who i am?
    • A: Uh... I have no clue.
  • Q (A Fandom User): What's the most memorable part of your Cytus journey, be it as a player or as an organizer of events(CWC etc.)
    • A: CWC is one, but the most memorable (not being cheesy) part is probably the wikia, because it's the place of good memes.
  • Q (CuboonoP): What do you think will be the hardest part about editing the Wiki for Cytus II when it comes out? I mean, the game sounds awesome, but the maintenence for it sounds pretty lengthy.
    • A: Hardest part is getting the motivation and people to even edit again LOL.
  • Q (WheatyTruffles): How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real?
    • A: Mirrors are a social construct of our universe, and eyes are lame who uses eyes in 2017 luL
  • Q (CuboonoP): Have you played Lanota yet? It's just... stunning.
    • A: Yes, but I don't like the "must play every song to unlock next song and that's how you get new songs" concept. I'd like just having the songs outright.
  • Q (WheatyTruffles):

1. What's new? Like, with life and stuff. I feel like we haven't caught up in forever.

2. Akin to that topic, any games you've been playing a lot of recently?

3. Do you think I should reboot The Challenge Sphere once Cytus II comes out?

4. Does Bruno Mars is Gay? I'm sorry

5. I'll be that guy and ask: what's your greatest hope for Cytus II? Y'know, aside from Rayark not making it complete garbage.

  • A:

1. Nothing much honestly. I am still in osu!, got into maimai, in my first year of tertiary education as well.

2. Paladins, Shadowverse, osu! and maimai.

3. I'd be down if Cytus II is any good.

4. That is the most discussed topic this century. so idk

5. BMS songs. BOFU songs. Give me Morimori Atsushi, litmus*, AN, void, sakuzyo, sky_delta, any of them.

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