If you haven't seen already, Rayark's page for Cytus II features a countdown (As of me writing this, it's at 435 hours). At its current rate, it should end on Dec 29/30 (depending on your time zone) However, this is before Cytus II's expected release date of January, so this might be some special announcement/contest/that sort of thing that Rayark has planned for us.

I'm going to make a different prediction for its release. After RayarkCon, a new song appeared for a day on VOEZ named Devilic Sphere. It's not playable anymore, but here's a video of it (spoilers: it's really hard!). Not only did this come with the hashtag #C2, but it was also featured as one of Robo_Head's songs. Since VOEZ loves doing things weekly, these might be like weekly teasers.

So at this rate...

  • Song 1: Devilic Sphere (Robo_Head) - 9/10 December
  • Song 2: ??? (Paff?) - 16/17 Dec
  • Song 3: ??? (Neko?) - 23/24 Dec
  • Song 4: ??? (Xenon?) - 30/31 Dec
  • Song 5: ??? (Conner?) - 6/7 Jan

Cytus II would probably release the week after that, or 13/14 Jan.

I'll probably update this as the weeks go by, so stay tuned!

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