Tier Song Title(s)
SS Drop The World, Starlight (KIVΛ Remix), Bastard of Hardcore
S ATONEMENT, Nora theme song
A Jakarta PROGRESSION, Accelerator, Phagy Mutation
B Uranus, Dance till Dawn
C Eternity

Generally all of the songs in Nora are amazing, with the exception of Eternity which I just can't seem to like. 

  • ATONEMENT is another fine example of why SIHanatsuka is a talented artist. The melody and bass drops are pure bliss, and he captures the soul of Nora's genre perfectly.
  • Drop The World is RiraN's first song in Cytus II, and after I heard this song, I just wanted more. I was first introduced to him from another rhythm game "Lanota", and at that point I really didn't care. When this song was released, I checked his other songs and albums out and realised that he's actually really good. Drop The World is an incredible song with sufficient bass and catchiness to make me addicted to RiraN.
  • Just when I thought Starlight by 3R2 was good, my boy KIVΛ swoops in and makes it even better. The remix of Starlight is much better than the original, and KIVΛ has really never ceased to impress me. This song is no exception. 

For the three songs in the A tier, I would like to break them down one by one.


Kurorak's first song in Cytus II was fantastic. Very catchy, and very addicting. An indonesian composer entering the scene of Cytus, and a very underrated one at that, This song left me with wanting more of Kurorak, and I sincerely hope that Kurorak's next song will be an S tier for me.


DJ Myosuke's hardstyle music really doesn't suit me. If I wanted to listen to hardstyle or gabber, Dj Grimoire is where it's at. This song didn't stick out as much as Sickest City did BUT it's still a great song. I caught myself headbanging to this song while playing it, so that says something.

Phagy Mutation

The composer of this song is actually Ice, and I would say that this song cannot be compared to several of his other songs he composed for Cytus II like Floor of Lava and DJ Mashiro is dead or alive. I heard Phagy Mutation and and my reaction to it was "oh, wow!". Comparing my reaction to Floor of Lava, I think it's pretty underwhelming. Phagy Mutation is a good song, but it is not one of Ice's best works.

  • Uranus, Dance till Dawn and Eternity were not very interesting. Not much to say here because these three songs are the ones that I tend to avoid playing when I'm in Nora.
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