The classic SS, S, A, B, C, D and F.

SS: God tier song, top quality.

S: Similar to SS, but slightly lesser.

A: Amazing song, but cannot be compared to S and SS.

B: Somewhat decent song.

C: Your typical, average song.

D: Hard to listen and overall not good.

F: G A R B A G E

Tier Song Title(s)
SS CODENAME : GAMMA, Chrome VOX, 小悪魔×3の大脫走!?, Sunday Night Blues
S Happiness Breeze, Stranger, Blow my mind (tpz Overheat Remix), Sdorica The Story Unfolds, Praystation (HiTECH NINJA Remix), Neko Ver. A theme song
A The Spark, Zealous Hearts (Rayark Edit), Keep it up, Blow my mind, extinguisher, For You The Bellz Toll, REmorse, Maboroshi
B Resurrection, One Way Love, Brain Power, 100sec Cat Dreams, Online, TOKONOMA Spacewalk, 下水鳴動して鼠一匹
C Hard Landing, UnNOT!CED, FUJIN Rumble
D Alterna Pt. 1 -Cosmogony-, Hesitant Blade

Order of songs do NOT matter! e.g Every song in the S tier are of the same spiciness

This list is completely opinionated, so please do feel free to share your own opinions as well!

Below are my reasoning behind some songs in the list:

  • I could not bear to put Alterna in the F tier, but it definitely belongs somewhere at the bottom.
  • I never really liked Hard Landing, I actually found it rather annoying. However, I remember back in Cytus I there was a point in time where I liked it, but it's just bad to me now. Still average though.
  • Sunday Night Blues is the only song by TERU FOX (as of Version 2.3.1), but it's also one of the best songs in Cytus II in my opinion.
  • The reason why REmorse isn't in S or above is mostly due to me overplaying the song in game. Some songs remain amazing even after repeating dozens of times. REmorse, however, is not one of them. It is still an amazing song, but blame it on my tryhardy in Cytus. 
  • Praystation (HiTECH NINJA Remix) is an S tier song because it sounds completely different from the original! The fact that it sounds so different makes it special. The full extended version of it is even better.
  • Chrome VOX is actually super F%$@ING spicy. I can't even count how many times I've hit the replay button on this song. This is t+pazolite's first song in Cytus II, and I'm glad that his first song is so damn spicy.
  • CODENAME : GAMMA is the sequel to CODENAME : ZERO in the original Cytus. Months before the release of Cytus II, I was trying my damnest to MM CODENAME : ZERO, and I did. When I saw CODENAME : GAMMA appear in Cytus II, I screamed. It's essentially CODENAME : ZERO, with 100% more badassness.
  • I found the remix of Blow my mind to be better tha the original one. Not sure why, but t+pazolite really outdid himself in this song. Blow my mind is a great song, and all t+pazolite did was make it even greater.
  • Hesitant Blade is probably the most boring song in all of Neko Ver. A.
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