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  • I live in Italy
  • I was born on February 27
  • My occupation is None (atm)
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Hi folks! I'm Lory1050 from Italy! ^^

Nice to meet you! As member of Wikia, I'll try to give some contributions in my spare time (of course if I have valid infos to add) ;)

Thanks for visiting my profile page & have a nice day! (=^x^=)

(Special thanks to Theamazingwrabbit for Kurante-chan fanart!)

Let's end this quickly: I have them all! :3

Total = 210/210

For practical reasons, it's easier to list the MISSING ones:

HARD Million Masters (NOT achieved)
Chapter VII
Chapter X
Total = 208/210

What can I say? I actually managed to get them all! I'm still shocked too... ⊙_⊙

Total = 210/210

Here's the full list of my achieved TP100s on Hard:

Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
Chapter VIII
Chapter IX
Chapter X
Chapter 0
Chapter S
Chapter K
Chapter R
Chapter T
Chapter D
Chapter N
Chapter M
Total = 170/210

Seeing that this stuff is still counting, I reserve the right to separate this chunk from the rest.

No objections allowed.

"EASY" Million Masters
Total = 10/10
"HARD" Million Masters
Total = 0/10

Cool, huh? =_=

No, no & no. First Chapter L's insanity, and now this... piece of nonsense ( *`ω´)

Once again, I reserve the full right to separate this frickin' madness from the rest.

No objections allowed.

(NOT) "EASY" Million Master
Apparently YES, but after more than 2 years since release ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
"HARD" Million Master

Now you can start laughing... (¬_¬)

even though you probably won't, 'cause I think you know. (ー ー;)

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