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Level Author Title Description Song Unlocked
Level-Locked until Paff and Neko reach level 35 and ROBO reaches level 34, then the following post will be unlocked:
- PAFF-Official[Announcement] Fellow Monophonic Entertainment singer PAFF gone missing for several weeks; request assistance from fans and friends to help search for herMono announces Paff (real name: Aroma White) had gone missing since Sept. 5, and explained that they kept quiet to respect Paff's privacy. Many are furious about being left in the dark for so long, while others think an apology would do little at this point. Some are even more poised for a protest. -
After reading this post, it will be followed by:
- HelenaI am very sorry to everyoneHelena, Paff's sister and agent, apologizes for what she has done. Most of the commenters are sympathetic to her. -
36DreamerFellas!!!Dreamer notes people gathering at Mono's headquarters to protest, egging people to join in, This is met with surprise, as no one was expecting an actual protest. -
Show_693_03_16Paff, currently 15 years old, performs Fight Another Day for a show. Despite her awkwardness on stage, her singing amazes the judges and audience. Later, Helena congratulates her for getting second place, promising to help her overcome her shyness. -
Level-locked until Paff, Neko and Robo reached level 37, then the following post will be unlocked:
- PAFF-Official[Announcement] Monophonic Entertainment urges fans to calm down; do not let unnecessary violence further intensify the conflict between both sidesMono is trying to ask people to resolve peacefully, as protests have resulted in an artist (later revealed to be Cherry) being attacked and injured. Most are still mad at Mono, but some worry about the safety of both Mono and Paff. -
NekoSamuraiIf I see a famous artist...NekoSamurai lists off what he'll do if he runs into an artist. Most brush this off as an impossibility, especially after mentioning bodyguards. -
38mooninIsn't this going a bit overboard?moonlin worries that the protests are veering off its original purpose, from the protests to the hashtag change. The commenters agree. -
CherryPuNK[Announcement] A thank you to fans and others for the supportKeyboardist Lumy thanks everyone for supporting them while Cherry is recovering. The comments are mad at the protesters for their violence. -
Cam_Noah_693_03_16Noah, Helena's husband, comes home and congratulates Paff. He shows how her performance has gone viral on iM. He reassures her that her dream will come true.  -
39FuxkoffBetter not think that this is the endFuxkoff proclaims that the protests and injuring Cherry are justified by Mono's lack of communication. Most are unsure if he is being serious. -
Call_Chris_693_03_29Chris, an employee from Mono, contacts Paff and offering her a label with them. Helena intervenes, questioning their relative obscurity. They eventually land a deal on the condition that Helena is Paff's agent. -
40SancTityKnightWith all this mess going on, where is PAFF?SancTity is doubting the search effort as no leads have been found despite how long it's gone for. Multiple explanations come up, like Mono still hiding something or another unknown accomplice. -
Cam_Noah_693_05_11Paff tries to prepare herself for a live performance when Noah comes into her room. Consoling her, he remembers how similar the situation is to when they first met. He then takes Paff out for dinner. -
Level-locked until Paff, Neko and Robo reach level 40 and "SUPER MEGA GIGA NEWS!" is tapped
41PAFF-Official[Announcement] Explaining the decision behind the contract termination of PAFFMono announces its termination of Paff's contract, citing her disappearance and the ensuing damage as the reason why. Fans are fuming at Paff's dismissal while she is still missing, causing people to lose total faith. -
Cam_Noah_693_06_13The television is broadcasting news of Dr. Colin Neumann Jr.'s new thesis on ancient technology. Noah gives some insight to Aroma about on the 'Architects', who were decommissioned nearly 200 years prior. -
42FuxkoffThis time we will definitely make them feel our rageFuxkoff incites another riot against Mono. Several try to call them out and try to stop them, but to no avail. -
Mail_Chris_693_07_02An email detailing Aroma's first performance as Paff, scheduled for August 15. -
438plusNineGod this place is crowded-AFThis riot is even larger than the last, as law enforcement is about to descend on the crowd. -
Cam_Noah_693_08_14Helena walks in on Aroma, seemingly nervous for her debut. Helena hugs and consoles her for a while. -
Level-locked until Paff, Neko and Robo reach level 43 and "[Repost] Riot broke out at Monophonic HQ again..." is tapped
44CherryPuNKThank you to everyone for your concernsCherry, discharged from the hospital the day before, thanks her fans for the support. Most comments are positive, but a few grumble about her relationship with Xenon. -
Audio_NMobile_693_08_14Noah takes Helena and Paff to a 5-star buffet. Noah apologizes to Paff for what appears to be a drunken stupor a few days prior before letting her grab drinks for them. -
45HandsomeYiMaybe we were all too impulsiveHe, along with many commentors realize they had gone too far with the riot. A brief mention of Neko's stream heightening tensions was made. -

Noah is driving Helena and Paff to her debut. Helena gets a call from Chris, who briefs them on the practice. Suddenly, they are in a car accident as an explosion is seen just outside.

Cytus II Cutscene - SPOILER ALERT Paff's scene

Cytus II Cutscene - SPOILER ALERT Paff's scene

A text transcript later reveals that the car was damaged and unsafe.|| -

46PaffCheckinRequesting witness information regarding Paff's whereaboutsPaffCheckin created a website for online witnesses of Paff in an attempt to aid the search efforts. Said website quickly crashes after an outpour of support. -
Level-locked until Paff, Neko and Robo reach level 46 and the following post is tapped
-ConneROverlordsWith help from ROBO_Head, ConneR claims that drones have become intellegent to the point of being superior to humans, and that they need to be acknowledged as such. After some discussion, ConneR teases a possible lecture. -
Cam094_ARC_H_694_05_15Helena bursts into Aroma's hospital room, only to find Aroma unable to recognize her. Noah, through a screen, tells Helena they are still examining her. -
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