aka Lazer39

  • I live in Philippines and Vocaworld (Vocaloid World)
  • I was born on May 13
  • My occupation is a person who goes through portals to go to different wiki sites.. OH and can transform into a cat and I'm half vocaloid
Cute Miku
Unit ills anime 850167

Welcome to my profile! I'm a huge Vocaloid fan, so expect a lot of Vocaloid related stuff in here. So you somehow call this profile a Vocaloid Haven.. I guess..

My Message: Dang, have I really been inactive here..? School sure hates me now..

If you want to know more about me and my backstory look right here

Hai guys my name is Galaxyfire12 I am mostly called Galaxy or Lazer, you can call me either of those.

I have been doing well I guess.. Thanks to school my scores are kinda bad for some reason, I get A's and B's.. School is tiring out my fingers...

By the name of the tabber thing this is gonna be some achievements I got while playing the game:

I got a good score in COSMO by HAMO using one hand! Somehow got a good score in Freedom Dive of having a C.

Well you know what to expect here.

  • Got 5 different alternate personalities counting my original one and it's kind of best that you won't know them =|
  • I am mostly quiet all the time and I like it when I am alone as I seem to like it.
  • I always listen to vocaloid songs from Six Trillion Years and a Night Story, Sunset Yesterday and more!
  • They mostly talk to me and they give me weird ideas that I won't list them here..
  • I have a good vocaloid voice, and I can copy Miku, Rin, Luka, Gumi, Yukari, Len, Meiko, IA and Iroha's voices.
  • I mostly change my profile pictures once a week
  • I am a huge Len fangirl, if you give me any cute Len song, I will fangirl like crazy.

Well you know what to see!

This is a lot. Meep..

Len-kyun now! by OwataP

Rin-chan now! by OwataP

Benzene series by OwataP

Rin Rin Signal by SignalP

Common World Domination by PinocchioP

Motivation is Dying by PinocchioP

Oblivious Pumpkin by PinoccioP

Mrs. Pumpkin's Comical Dream by Hachi

Ai Dee by Mitchie M

Viva Happy by Mitchie M

Ageage Again by Mitchie M

Freely Tomorrow by Mitchie M

Interviewer by KuwagataP

Remote Controller by Wonderful Opportunity

Electric Angel (Cover) by GigaP

Snowman by haloysy

Tho by PinocchioP

2D Dimensional Fever by Polyphonic Branch

Satisfaction by kz

The Name of the Sin by ryo

Patchwork Stacatto by toa

Amazing Dolce by Hitoshizuku

Envy Catwalk by Tohma

Two Breaths Walking by DECO*27

Karakuri Pierrot by 40mP

Even as a Female Ninja I want to Love by MikitoP

A Momentary trip by Last note

A Tale of Six Trillion years and a night by Kemu Voxx

(More coming soon)

Got bored.

  • Chapter 1- Visions by Tsukasa and Chemical Star by Tsukasa.
  • Chapter 2- Iris by Sta and Nocturnal Type by Switchworks.
  • Chapter 3- COSMO by HAMO, Prismatic Lollipops by DJ Mashiro and Otome by Suzumetune.
  • Chapter 4- Area 184 by Persona, Evil Force by Alpha Legion and Sweetness Love by 3R2 vs DJ Mashiro.
  • Chapter 5- Holy Knight by ICE, Chocological by MILI and BIOTONIC by ani.
  • Chapter 6- Dragon Warrior by HOSKEY, Realize by Persona and Old Gold by Cranky.
  • Chapter 7- Black Lair by Sakuzyo, Galaxy Collapse by Hero_C, L series by ICE, Musik by Killerblood and Hercules by naotyu-.
  • Chapter 8- Masqurade by M2U, Her Sword by Hoskey, Morpho by Orangentle, Slit Series by Ebico and Jioyi, Q by Kiryu and Code 03 by Hoskey.
  • Chapter 9- Oriens by ginkiha, Hey wonder by Bro's, Brionac by Project Grimoire, First Gate and First Gate Overdrive by NeLime, East West Wobble by SHK, COMA by Ensou and Codename: Zero by NeLime.
  • Chapter 10- Halloween Party by SHK, YURERO by Bro's, Twenty one by Qrabit, Red Eyes by Persona, Set Free by KIVA and Freedom Dive by xi.
  • Chapter 0- Endless Journey by HOSKEY, Process by Tsukasa, LNS OP by HOSKEY and Megaera by Switchworks.
  • Chapter S- Revoluxtion by xi and Outsider by Yamajet.
  • Chapter K- The Way we Were by NICODE, Knight of Firmament by Eye XY, Lord of Crimson Rose by Eye DT, Predawn by NICODE and M2U and The Fallen Bloom by Hoskey.
  • Chapter R- Theme of Kingdom No. 8 by Killerblood, Vitmaster by Sakuzyo and Conflict by Siromaru + Cranky.
  • Cytus Alive- Alive: Vanessa and Alive: Loom

Well you know what to see.

  • Username: Galaxyfire39
  • Internet Username: Galaxyfire 39 or Lazer39
  • Nickname: Galaxy or Lazer
  • Age: Never ask a girl their age. -2nd Personality
  • Gender: Female... Never thought of it huh?
  • How people call me: In this name Galaxyfire39 you can call me Galaxy-san or Galaxy-chan, when my username is lazer39 call me Lazer-san or Lazer-kun.
  • I have a yandere side, I guess it is better you won't see her.

Duetto Megurine Luka

You ship me and Miku?This is.. Weird..

Diva Hatsune Miku-0

Hi! I hope you like my singing voice!



Dolce Megurine Luka

Me and Miku are pretty good song duets.. I am not sure about the ship..

Goddess Hatsune Miku

I think they are putting the word "Goddess" a little too.. Different here..

Cantata Meiko

Hyper-cool big sis has arrived!

Cresendo Megurine Luka

I think this should be a good stage, right Miku?

Diva Hatsune Miku

I'll bring happiness to everyone!

Passion Soprano Meiko

I'm even more hyper >=D

Alley Cat Nyami

I'm not supposed to trust strangers...

Gemini Kagamine Rin

Where is Len-kun =/


Gaze upon my majesty foolish mortal!!

Gemini Kagamine Rin-0

Leeeeen.. Where are you ><

Wild Cat Nyami

Am.. I.. Taller..?

Umbral Bloom Ensa-Taya


Shadow Cat Nyami

Kitty pawz~!

Melody Kagamine Rin

Len, I will literally take your bananas if I cannot find you.

Void Pasha Ensa-Taya

You shall fall into my absolute dominion!

Maiden Lico

I'm bored..

Unit ills anime 850266
Dark Blade Lico

A worthy companion?

Unit ills anime 850165
Demon Blade Lico

Give me power!

Unit ills anime 850166
Infernal Phantasm Lico

Entertain me with a good battle!!

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