aka Alexstrasza the Lifebringer

  • I live in Wrymrest Temple
  • My occupation is The Lifebinder
  • I am A Dragon

A list of my rankings of the songs in Cytus, from worst to best:

I like Classic Rock, Rap, Hard Rock, Alt. Rock, Art Pop, Heavy Metal, Underground & Jazz music especially.

Cytus Opinions & Confessions: Edit

  • Sakuzyo's my favorite producer in the game.
  • Persona's my second favorite producer.
  • Bro's are my least favorite artists in the game.
  • Yamajet deserves more love.
  • ICE is overrated, but I still like most of his songs.
  • M2U should've had more songs in the game. (I really wanted Quo Vadis in the game, but sadly, that didn't happen.)
  • Eyemedia is the most average artist in the game.
  • Tsukasa's a pretty meh artists to me, though I love Stardust Sphere & Process.
  • xi and I have a love-hate relationship going on.
  • KIVΛ had better songs that could've made it into the game, but didn't.
  • Haloweak also has some songs that could've made it into the game, but at least I can play them on Musync.
  • Hoskey's grown on me since I first played his songs.
  • 3R2 & Dj Mashiro have songs that are too synthetic for me most of the time, though I have a guilty pleasure with Sweetness Overload!!!
  • I've Mastered 182 songs in the game on Hard. The remaining ones are L2A (985205), L2B (934344), Codename : Zero (960511), Freedom Dive (919093), The Purified (999710), Magnolia (998571), The Ricochet (999183) & Sweetness Overload!!! (985989) & Chapter L.
  • My least favorite Chapters are 6 and 10.
  • My favorite Chapters are Retro and Timeline.
  • Chapters M, S, & 0 are runner-ups for that distinction.
  • I've Mastered all of Chapters 1-6, 8, 0, K, R & T including the Alive songs that came with those Chapters.
  • I got into Cytus after I first got into Deemo.
  • I started to play Cytus in mid-April of 2015, and in less than 5 months, I've mastered most of the songs on Hard.
  • I can play both Default, and Grouped Modes (though I usually do Grouped), and I use None experimentally to try and master songs with it.
  • I alternate using with or without SFX.
  • I don't mind Vocal songs that much.
  • Alive: Operators on Easy was the first TP 100 I got.
  • Finite Circuit is a bore-fest.
  • Saika and Entrance are the songs that got me hooked on Cytus.
  • Freedom Dive is the hardest song in the game, although L2B is a close second.
  • L2A gives me more trouble than L2B most of the time, but I wouldn't necessarily say it's harder.
  • Codename : Zero is easiest of the big three.
  • The songs I find easier than others do include Galaxy Collapse, Biotonic, Bloody Purity, Green Eyes, Requiem, L, Oriens, Hay Fields and Laplace.
  • The songs I find harder than others do include Aquatic Poseidon, Conflict, The Blocks We Loved, The Sacred Story, Halcyon, Logical Steps, Entrance and L2A.
  • Masquerade has the best chart in the game.
  • Gatorix has the funnest chart in the game.
  • Solar Wind has the most exhausting chart in the game.
  • Violet has the most annoying chart in the game.
  • Alive: The New World has the worst chart in the game.
  • I find Galaxy Collapse easier than most people do. If anything, it wouldn't make my Top 10 hardest level 8's.
  • I once almost Mastered Requiem, but slipped up at the very end. This has happened to me multiple times, and now I think that that song was made to annoy me. Since then, I have mastered the song multiple times.
  • East West Wobble took me longer to Master than Masquerade, Oriens, L, Bloody Purity and First Gate Overdrive.
  • Area184, Entrance, Black Lair and Twenty One were songs I Mastered mostly out of luck.
  • Rebirth should not have been a level 6, in my opinion, it's a level 8, through and through.
  • Both PatE songs are relatively easy, but the original Entrance, still messes me up.
  • Although I hate both the songs and charts for both Bro's songs, I will admit that they are good practice for trying to Master songs with one hand, Hey Wonder especially.
  • COMA is the best vocaloid song in the game.
  • Alive: Vanessa isn't that difficult.
  • The Way We Were hurts my ears.
  • I almost FCed AXION once, but messed up at the end. It is now Mastered.
  • I Mastered STORIA when I hadn't even Mastered The Sacred Story or The Long Years yet.
  • The RGB Eyes series was easier to Master than I expected, although Blue Eyes tripped me up here and there.
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