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  • I live in over the rainbow
  • I was born on July 11
  • My occupation is mid-high school woo
  • I am nv (Female in Chinese)

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Lol, just kidding. Go ahead and read my long intro. I warned you it's long. Just like Scherzo. Tabbers FTW!


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Hey! I'm CookiesNWaffles, a random student who plays Cytus like all of you. I started playing in July 2014, but had my first experience at Cytus in January 2014, which is stated in the Story that comes after this.

My StoryEdit

It was my friend who got me to play Cytus. He got me to help him play L on Hard. I was only told that it was the hardest free song then (it was update 4.0), then they started the song. So lucky that there was countdown, so I put on the earplugs. Then I realized how HARD the song was, and because I did'nt play the game before then, I was confused by the dots in between the drag notes. No matter what, I still tried and even got a C. Cookies for my first song FTW, and don't ask me for the screenshot because that was done on my friend's phone.

For sure, L did leave quite the impression. For the following few months, I tried to remember how the song sounded, but never recalled so I went to download Cytus and try out this song again. I was straight tapping at level 9 charts in a day.

I'm actually quite stressed out in studying, and use rhythm games as excuse for getting away from the books.

Contemporary rhythm games like Jubeat need loads of money for a handful of songs, but Cytus is different. That's why I play Cytus too. Considering the small amount paid for IAP Chapters, I bought them as well.

  • S for all songs on Chapter 0. MM on Blue Eyes and Violet, with 97TP.
  • Only one miss on AXION. 98TP. D:
  • Doing Easy-Hard transition in one day.
  • Top 300 in the Total Score for Hard difficulty. THAT WAS BEFORE I LOST ALL MY SCORES
  • FC/MM on L, The Red Coronation, East West Wobble, Halcyon, AXION, PatE B and more of this level.
  • MM all Hard songs in Chapter 3-6. (Which is by far the easiest ones despite BP)

    Gosh, FINALLY did it...

Just in case you were interested in 'the Trio From Hell', RIPed:Edit

  • Codename: Zero: 961K (WOMBO COMBOES x2)
  • Freedom Dive: 890K (WOMBO COMBO x3)

From here you can see I find FD harder than L2B... Lol it's so rare... XDXD

  • My favourite character in Chapter S is actually Acoda: Heir of Evolution.
  • However, Theremin: Pawn of Calamity would be my favorite if she were not that explicit.
  • Theremin: Pawn of Calamity is also my personification on this Wiki when compared to characters of Chapter S.
  • I did the Easy-Hard transition 3-5 hours after downloading the game.
  • My first Million Master was New World (Hard) and it was on my first attempt.
  • Except for Alive: The New World and Alive: Operators, I do not have any 100TP yet.
  • I have played Cytus for 4 months.

As for other facts...

  • A bunch of other friends play Cytus as well, we talk too much about Holy Knight and Chapter K. Well nvm, my friends, and even my cousins are on Deemo now...
  • I used to play Jubeat, Reflec Beat, Dance Dance Revolution, Tap Tap Revenge and osu!stream (as well as the OS version of osu!), and Taiko no Tatsujin and some more.
  • I have some Music Background (Here u go, I play piano and plays some Deemo as well. I decided that I'll stick to office jobs in future, but music will be another world when I'm not at work.)
  • I like Jazz, Trance and any music that is relaxing.
  • However, I adapt to different genres. I can tolerate with hardcore, gabba and more intense genres.
  • I'm Asian, but even more Asian. I guess some of you do make me look like that... Well I'm not. Bleh :P
  • I'm obessed with rhythm games as stated.
  • I like to watch Korean Variety Shows (Running Man Hwaiting, although I didn't watch for quite some time)
  • I'm not interested in K-Pop and J-Pop. Prefer Symphonies and their Remixes.
  • I play around with puns to joke and now I'm troubled by how many puns I can make. That's how L2B became pencils. (L)ead of type (2B), in case you can't see it :P.
  • I <3 Tom and Jerry from young.
  • I love the Windows Error Song. Link:
  • I just loved this freakin error song. Duh, but I'm currently getting addicted to ICE and xi's songs. Talk about addiction... XD

  • YES ~CNW
  • One-Hand Sensei says he approves. ~DSZ9
  • I accept fate. ~CNW

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