aka Altos

  • I live in Croatia
  • I was born on January 22
  • My occupation is Highschool student
  • I am Genderfluid

he is my baby boy

19/03/20: currently on indefinite hiatus due to several circumstances. will be back soon.

introduction. Edit

hello! my name is altos, or blake. i use any pronouns, and don't care what my gender is perceived as, though i refer to myself as male. i'm a 15 year old highschool student living in croatia (english isn't my first language, though i speak 7) and have a particular affinity for writing and drawing original characters + playing video games. cytus II was introduced to me by my girlfriend, and i began playing it on 08/10/19. it's certainly not the first rhythm game i've played, but, until then, i had abandoned all the previous ones i'd been playing, so it was a change of pace, especially since it's not styled like the ones i used to play (love live, idolm@ster games, bang dream, etc). i've gotten pretty good now, being able to easily MM hard songs (except ramen is god, curse you, ice and aoki) and fullcombo most chaos charts despite playing on my phone and being a thumbs-only player.

regarding the wikia, i used to be a contributor for os log pictures only, but seeing as the community was pretty lacking in some parts, i decided to join for real. i mostly just edit when i have free time or am bored, 'cause i've got nothing better to do.

i guess that would be it. thanks for reading! <3

cytus II info. Edit

↳ favourite character: sagar

↳ favourite theme: rin

↳ favourite song: legacy, masquerade

↳ favourite (chaos) chart: super attractor, halloween party

↳ you can also find me over on the your turn to die wiki.

self to-do list. Edit

↳ add gallery options to songs, fix bpm, lyrics and the like

↳ manually update the general os logs page when new updates come out

important. Edit

↳ 8/10/19: started playing cytus II.

↳ 29/11/19: first fc on chaos difficulty! (one way love)

↳ 6/12/19: joined the cytus wiki.

↳ 27/02/20: top 20 on the cytus wiki! <3

↳ 13/03/20: 500 edits to articles.....

↳ 26/03/20: first mm on chaos 14 difficulty! (darling staring)

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