aka Malachite

  • I live in In The Ocean
  • I was born on March 11
  • My occupation is Being a Fusion of Lapis and Jasper
  • I am Evil

Songs on Hard Left To Million Master (No Old Ch. L) Edit

Phubbing >:| (996615)
Halloween Party (986875)
Precipitation At The Entrance Ver. B (959607)
STORIA (???)
Conflict (954412)
Purified (951776)
L2 (936539)
First Gate Overdrive (939320)
Magnolia (923944)
L8 (922813)
L7 (921262)
Area 184 Platinum Mix (???)
The Ricochet (???)
Sweetness Overload!!! (???)
Codename : Zero (904381)
L2B (889985)
L2A (888525)
Freedom Dive (872896)

My 3 Favourite Songs From Each Chapter Edit

Chapter 1 -Operators Edit

1st: Light Up My Love
2nd: Ververg II
3rd: D R G

Chapter 2 -Disaster Edit

1st: Entrance
2nd: Hard Landing
3rd: Green Eyes

Chapter 3 -Cytus Edit

1st: Saika
2nd: Prismatic Lollipops
3rd: COSMO

Chapter 4 -The Silence Edit

1st: Parousia
2nd: Sweetness and Love
3rd: New World

Chapter 5 -Vanessa Edit

1st: Holy Knight
2nd: Majestic Phoenix
3rd: Zauberkugel

Chapter 6 -The Lost Edit

1st: Niflheimr
2nd: Logical Steps
3rd: Old Gold

Chapter 7 -Loom Edit

1st: The Last Illusion
2nd: Black Lair
3rd: L2B

Chapter 8 -Another Me Edit

1st: Masquerade
2nd: AXION
3rd: Slit O

Chapter 9 -Buried Edit

1st: Oriens
2nd: Qualia
3rd: First Gate

Chapter 10 -The New World Edit

1st: Freedom Dive
2nd: Halloween Party
3rd: Gatorix

Chapter 0 -Prologue Edit

1st: Azucar!!
2nd: Megaera
3rd: Endless Journey

Chapter S -Symphony Edit

1st: Outsider
2nd: The Purified
3rd: Chaotic Drive

Chapter K -Knight Edit

1st: Predawn
2nd: Knight of Firmament
3rd: The Red Coronation

Chapter R -Retro Edit

1st: Conflict
2nd: VitMaster
3rd: Hay Fields

Chapter T -Timeline Edit

1st: 2057 Protest
3rd: 2245 Rebirth

Chapter D -Deemo Edit

1st: Fable
2nd: Angelic Sphere
3rd: Leviathan

Chapter L -LUMM Edit

L10 - In Memory of Maneo
L3 - Roar on Deserted Lands
L7 - Almighty

Chapter M -Million Edit

2nd: Stardust Sphere

Chapter A -Alive Edit

1st: Buried
2nd: Vanessa
3rd: The Silence

Million Mastered Chapters (Easy & Hard) Edit

Chapter 1: Operators
Chapter 3: Cytus (In progress)
Chapter 4: The Silence
Chapter 5: (Ex. Vanessa)
Chapter K: Knight
Chapter 0: Prologue (In progress)
Chapter T: Timeline (In progress)

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