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Cytus - Twenty One


  • Qrabit should not be confused with Rabpit, another composer in Cytus.

Difficulty Change log

Version Easy Hard
5.0 4 7

Note Statistics

  • Click notes
    281 on Easy (72.05%), 406 on Hard (69.64%)
  • Hold notes
    54 on Easy (13.85%), 46 on Hard (7.89%)
  • Drag notes
    55 on Easy (14.10%), 131 on Hard (22.47%)


  • At the end of the song on both the Easy and Hard difficulties, there are 2 groups of drag notes which resembles the number 21.
    • Ironically, 1 comes out first.
  • Qrabit's name was misspelled in the Cytus credits in Alive: The New World as Qraqbit. It was fixed in 6.1.

Helpful Info

Pretty simple until the killer, where click and drag notes come before the hold note, and it will repeat until the bass re-enters the song again. So heave a sigh of relief if you haven't MMed it yet, I haven't... TOT


So I've MMed this bloody wahwahwah Lv7/8.5. Anyway, for the tip on the killer:

  • Left hand: Hold, tap and slide onto the hold
  • Right hand: Tap, Tap. Repeat.


So...I've finally Mastered this piece of work. My advice? I don't know, I wasn't thinking straight when I did this. After I managed to pass the middle part, I blacked out until the Million Master logo was spinning across my screen. Youtube videos. I studied tq2501's gameplay video, and it sort of helped.


This is NOT a Lv7. It's probably a Lv8 and almost a Lv9 (but not quite). This one's not so rough until the middle, but the killer is kill-y indeed. Fun, no?

Semi-Squishy 3000

This killer hits you like, "Surprise, Motha****a!". Expect the killer and slow scan line 8-notes.The killer starts at note 410.