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Cytus - Twenty One


  • Qrabit should not be confused with Rabpit, another composer in Cytus.

Difficulty Change log[]

Version Easy Hard
5.0 4 7

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    281 on Easy (72.05%), 406 on Hard (69.64%)
  • Hold notes
    54 on Easy (13.85%), 46 on Hard (7.89%)
  • Drag notes
    55 on Easy (14.10%), 131 on Hard (22.47%)


  • At the end of the song on both the Easy and Hard difficulties, there are 2 groups of drag notes which resembles the number 21.
    • Ironically, 1 comes out first.
  • Qrabit's name was misspelled in the Cytus credits in Alive: The New World as Qraqbit. It was fixed in 6.1.

Helpful Info[]

Pretty simple until the killer, where click and drag notes come before the hold note, and it will repeat until the bass re-enters the song again. So heave a sigh of relief if you haven't MMed it yet, I haven't... TOT


So I've MMed this bloody wahwahwah Lv7/8.5. Anyway, for the tip on the killer:

  • Left hand: Hold, tap and slide onto the hold
  • Right hand: Tap, Tap. Repeat.

So...I've finally Mastered this piece of work. My advice? I don't know, I wasn't thinking straight when I did this. After I managed to pass the middle part, I blacked out until the Million Master logo was spinning across my screen. Youtube videos. I studied tq2501's gameplay video, and it sort of helped.


This is NOT a Lv7. It's probably a Lv8 and almost a Lv9 (but not quite). This one's not so rough until the middle, but the killer is kill-y indeed. Fun, no?

Semi-Squishy 3000

This killer hits you like, "Surprise, Motha****a!". Expect the killer and slow scan line 8-notes.The killer starts at note 410.