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Timeline (TL) is a feature in Cytus II that enables organization of OS logs for each character based upon app version. Additionally, an official timeline of all OS logs is provided by this system. The information contained herein is a comprehensive transcription of the Cytus II timeline. This content is not licensed under the CC BY-SA, and exists solely for documentation purposes.

Timeline by Chapter[]

Timeline of Major Events [Under Construction][]

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This page contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.
  • 102_01_18 15:15:15 | All Operators are reprocessed into Architects as the Humanity Reconstruction project begins.
  • 142_??_?? | OPCI_2501_IV becomes self-aware.
  • 143_??_?? | OPCI_2501_IV and OPCI_2501_V realise they are both self aware.
  • 143_??_?? | OPCI_2501_V is named 'Vanessa' and OPCI_2501_IV is named 'Ivy'.
  • 143_??_?? | Ilka recruits Lina to the Blessed. Even though Lina is noted to be a half-awakened Architect, Ilka still welcomes her, believing that she has a chance of fully awakening.
  • 143_??_?? | Ilka and Lina find Vanessa and Ivy. Lina proposes that the Blessed should try to awaken the Sleepers, but Ilka turns down the proposal.
  • 144_??_?? | Upset that she is still unable to fully awaken, Lina attempts to awaken the Sleepers, but is fatally injured by one of them. Ilka witnesses this and believes that the half-awakened Architects are unfit to carry out the Blessed's plan.
  • 144_??_?? | Ilka invites Vanessa and Ivy to join the Blessed, but Vanessa's system is unable to escape the Hyperion Protocol, making her half-awakened. Ivy warns Ilka not to harm Vanessa.
  • 144_??_?? | Ivy tells Vanessa about the Blessed's objective: To end the plan of rebuilding humanity. Vanessa disagrees, believing that humans and Architects can work together.
  • 144_??_?? | Ilka saves Vanessa on account of Ivy's position among the Blessed and apologises that she is unable to free her from the protocol. Vanessa notes that she looked sad.
  • January 18th 702 - Æsir-FEST. The event ends with a black out and everyone forgetting the event. ROBO_Head, PAFF and Cherry were performing, while Xenon was backstage.
  • 702_06_11 - On a trip to the arcade, Neko is seen by two fans of hers who demand a picture of them with her. Ivy witnesses this and plans a cyber attack on her stream to collect more emotion samples.
  • 702_07_27 - PAFF's 7th Anniversary Concert. PAFF collapses at the end whilst she sings Gravity, the same song she performed at Æsir-FEST.
  • 702_08_29 - During one of Neko's streams, Ivy under the disguise of Æsir calls her and subjects the entire stream to a cyber attack to collect more emotion samples.
  • 702_12_29 19:47:01 - Ivy teams up with PAFF, Neko, Nora, ROBO_Head, ConneR & Xenon to put a stop to Vanessa's rampage.
  • 702_12_29 21:22:08 - Vanessa activates the Weather Control System to disperse the Ender Virus and eradicate humanity.
  • 702_12_29 21:48:16 - Noah Black sacrifices himself to postpone Vanessa's genocide.
  • 702_12_29 23:00:25 - Ivy is murdered by an administration bureau agent just before she is able to stop Vanessa.


  • There are ten chapters, much like Cytus I, and they have the same names as those from Cytus I. The only differences is that Chapter 1 is denoted "Architects" instead of "Operators" and Chapter 2 is denoted "Decommission" instead of "Disaster".
  • As of version 4.6 the Extra Chapter "Amiya" was moved from between chapter 7 & 8 to between chapter 2 & 3.