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Unlock Requirement

  • Level Easy, Hard and Chaos: Reach the "Good Ending" by responding to Paff and killing Vanessa. After the ending cutscene plays, open Paff's iM post "Here I am!"
  • Level Glitch: Complete all of Vanessa's OA tasks.




Cytus II Opening - The Whole Rest (Full Ver.)


Cytus II Opening - The Whole Rest


Wake up
Can you hear the gravity
is now on beat

Tell me what is fake and real
On the edge of lie and truth
Can you recognize yourself?

Don’t you remember what they said to you?
The rumors hurt your feel
The rumors against your will
Don’t give it up
Go pursue “your own” freedom and dreams
While they tore us apart 
Then we all alone
Now we all alone

So we break it, we break it, we break it

The rule of (d)ark is time to end up
Take your soul back and now stand up

True north of your heart
You will see who you are

Burn to ashes into the sun
Till the end of day you’ll find out from your heart
Seeking the whole rest of brand new world 

We break it, we break it, reload the faith in your eyes
We chase it, we chase it, love used to be in our mind
We break it, we break it, we believe the truth won’t buried alive