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Icon Artist Sta Genre No Info
Vocal N/A Cover Art IGNIS Chart Design No info
Chapter 1 Difficulty Max Combo
Length 2:01 Easy 1 115
BPM 165 Hard 7 458



Cytus - The Silence


Sta - The Silence (Extended mix) Cytus

Difficulty Change Log

Version Easy Hard
1.0(Old Chart ) 2 7
1.2 2 6
4.5 1 7
7.0(New Chart) 1 7

Note Statistics

  • Click notes
    86 on Easy (74.78%), 386 on Hard (84.28%)
  • Hold notes
    29 on Easy (25.22%), 24 on Hard (5.24%)
  • Drag notes
    0 on Easy (0.00%), 48 on Hard (10.48%)


(Oh yeah... Love) Welcome to all from the Silence (Love [3x])

Notes & Trivia

  • This song should not be confused with Alive: The Silence in Chapter 4, also composed by Sta. These two songs were originally part of a single song, which is included in the video section.
  • This is Sta's first song in Cytus.
  • This song has another name: "The Quiet Cube".

The Wikians Say...

FGO's QuickRun:
  • Focus. All I can say is, getting distracted is the last thing you want to do. Why? Because this song is fast. Drags can also ultimately kill you if you aren't practiced enough in LUML. So, be all over the place. Don't stress.
— MrGZJcool
Quicker, harder and more fun!
— DropletKloud
Truffly Tips:
  • Focus! This song will demolish you if you try to spam, especially in the TP department. Double notes and double taps are this song's key weapon, especially near the ending. Make sure you can distinguish between the two, or else you're a goner.
  • This is another song where hitting drags without lifting your finger from a click can help you. Especially during the near-end rush section, make sure to train your right hand in sliding from the notes directly before the slides in order to clear those three-point drags without hassle.
  • Don't let the double notes directly after the hold notes in the beginning ruin your TP. Either train up those thumbs, or make sure your reflexes are on point.
— WheatyTruffles

Song List

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