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Cytus - The Riddle Story

Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard
2.0 6 8
4.5 5 8

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    297 on Easy (83.66%), 365 on Hard (72.57%)
  • Hold notes
    55 on Easy (15.49%), 74 on Hard (14.71%)
  • Drag notes
    3 on Easy (0.85%), 64 on Hard (12.72%)


The destination: A place no maps can show.
The mission: To solve an age-old riddle.
The reward: Power beyond the wildest dreams.
The risk: A fate worse than the darkest nightmares.


  • This song is composed by VILA (Pico as composer and Cranky as arranger), but they used Cranky's alias in the cover art.
    • "Cranky" was later changed to "VILA" when Cytus Omega was in progress.
  • The scan line BPM is unrelated to the actual BPM.

Helpful Info[]

FGO's QuickRun:

  • So...this song is still off-sync apparently. Anyways, your best bet is getting an MM first, and then grinding on your TP. Seriously, there are some tricky patterns in this song, and some can even throw you off your balancing beam.

I find this song to carry along our childhood stories from the past. Lots of them. And I find the mix of modern elements and orchestral feel... That's Cranky for you! When it comes to chart though, some parts can be unclear.


I can remember my little brother coming to me and say, "RIDDLE STORY IS SO HARD!!!" So I tried playing it and got a 'B' (it was during my days as a Cytus newbie.) Well, it was level 8 after all...


Just like SerialNo30000324 this was the first Cytus song I ever played (with exception of Dragon Warrior, when I borrowed a friends phone) in easy mode and I was not really good yet :v

Sofia Xerneas-Yveltal

Good song, bad chart. KILL IT WITH FIRE!


Truffly Tips:

  • What hints can I give you if you're aiming for TP? I mean, really? Your best bet, and I'm not joking, is to play the song until these disgustingly off-sync patterns have been drilled into your brain. Rhyme and reason hardly exists here, you'll just have to go off of sight.
  • Aside from being awfully charted, MMing this one proves to be rather simplistic. The click note patterns require speed at times, but it's nothing too difficult for a Level 8.
  • The drag notes in the end might catch you off guard, especially due to their awkward angles (again, terrible craftsmanship on the chart's part). Make sure you're expecting them.