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Cytus Million - sta - The Ricochet


  • The hidden song, The Long Years, can be selected by tapping the headphone on the Operator version of Vanessa.

Difficulty Change log[]

Version Easy Hard
8.0 7 9


  • This song and The Long Years are remixes of Cytus Alive songs.
  • This song is heard in the teaser "Million Downloads to One Destination".
  • In the bottom corners of the cover art, there is a red screen and a blue screen that shows gameplays of Cytus.
  • The full version (combination of both The Ricochet and The Long Years) is available on SoundCloud.
  • This is the shortest song in Chapter M.
  • The cycon for this song is a combination of Alive: Cytus' cycon and the Million Master logo.
  • In the background, there is a building similar to the buildings in Chapter 2's illustration.
  • The cover art depicts Vanessa being confronted by her Operator, suggesting that she was cured from the virus that once plagued the world, which explains why she is still alive. Since the memories of Vanessa were transferred into her Operator, Vanessa has no recollections of her past.

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    303 on Easy (59.06%), 374 on Hard (37.74%)
  • Hold notes
    71 on Easy (13.84%), 148 on Hard (14.93%)
  • Drag notes
    139 on Easy (27.10%), 469 on Hard (47.33%)

Helpful Info[]

Rated 20/9 Hard. Like some other levels, it is easy until the song has been played until somewhere around the middle. The killer part which includes tap and drag notes at the end is so hard, together with the fast rythm of the music.It literally lagged my whole device, and even crashed the application one time!


Welcome to fast fast fast Sta land. Not your ordinary Sta song. Weird patterns and flings and flings of drags. You will need to study the chart before attempting to A, S and then MM it.


OMG unexpected difficulty in a Sta song. Most of the chart is just reflexes and speed, though.


This is my favorite STA song. It sounds gud. This chart is very chaos but not hard.


One of the songs I've played the most. Nonetheless, I still got a B.


This is very hard. My last score as of recent barely scratched at an A. Be careful with this one.


Best Sta song ever. Best Chapter M promotion/Million Download Plan success celebration song ever. All the drillstep and zigzaggy design. The killers are pretty much easier cuz it doesn't lag in some devices now. This reminds me of some Cytus meme in tumblr

Aviel S.XY