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Cytus 03 - The Red Coronation (Calamity) - EYE RH Chapter K Knight


  • This song is entitled "Calamity" on the song selection.
  • The cover art depicts two people, presumably members of Rosabel's family as well as royals, being killed.

Difficulty Change log[]

Version Easy Hard
6.0 5 9

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    374 on Easy (72.27%), 498 on Hard (52.26%)
  • Hold notes
    84 on Easy (17.36%), 69 on Hard (7.24%)
  • Drag notes
    26 on Easy (5.37%), 386 on Hard (40.50%)


536px-The Red Coronation
  • This is the longest song by eyemedia.
  • This is the only Lv9 song in Chapter K.
  • This is one of the 26 songs that have made it into another one of Rayark Inc.'s games, Deemo.
  • RH stands for Ravel Huang.

Helpful Info[]

Just like in Deemo, this song requires high coordination skills, swapping both hands at separated but also continouss drag notes and tracks, while using the free hand to tap some click notes. Also, there are parts where I keep holding the hold notes for a too short time. Definitely hardest song in Chapter K, but not all that hard when you understandd the chart.


I am really sad after saw the cover art, but the song is killing me.... Did anyone notice the killers in this song?

Cindy Serenity

More notes than Masquerade, Gate of Expectancy, and Scherzo. Crazier than all three, but surely it can't be that hard for you.

Semi-Squishy 3000

Well at least you concentrate more on the slides. The second half is harder unless practice. I kept tp99ing this.

Aviel S.XY

I find this song loveable due to its various directions of slides. And it requires high coordination and reflex to drag and click and hold like at the same time... MM it with low TP though.


This song cleverly uses uses drags to make hard.


No no no no no no! Those drags! Those holds! Are just not normal! Anyway, the click doesn't bother me, but I can't slide like crazy with left hands!


Drag notes are super crazy here. I can't really focus on sliding and dragging the notes around. They're everywhere!


The thing that I hate the most that nobody brings up is that the hardest part in this song is in the middle of the song. Well, it's more like at 40% of the way through. The part is where there is a hold for the right hand, then double tap and hold for the left hand and then suddenly, a slide. I use a foolproof way to get any slide with only one hand. You use 2 fingers on one hand. This way, everything is accurate as two fingers cover more area and you don't need to switch as much. However, in this part, you don't have the time to get your two fingers down and you can easily miss a slide note because you're using one finger. Maybe I'm just bad at sliding, but this can ruin your combo and lower your score a lot. However, in general, it's a fun song!


High coordination skills required in this song, those drag notes are not hard. The hard part is near the end.