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Cytus Chapter S - Symphony - The Purified


  • According to the song's title, the character's name in the illustration art is Archbishop: Eyes of Purification.

Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard
4.5 5 9

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    296 on Easy (62.71%), 583 on Hard (63.72%)
  • Hold notes
    67 on Easy (14.20%), 78 on Hard (8.52%)
  • Drag notes
    109 on Easy (23.09%), 254 on Hard (27.76%)


  • This is a remix of Allegro con fuoco (the fourth movement of Symphony no. 9 'From the New World') by Dvořák.
  • This is the one of the two non-Vocaloid song from Hoskey that are used in Cytus, the other being The Fallen Bloom.

Helpful Info[]

I once saw another From The New World remix, but this one is way better than that one by a mile. Once again, ambience is broken, but the chart and its melody are equally as intimidating and haunting. I didn't find this one hard, but surprisingly, I couldn't get the notes despite knowing its pattern well.


There are overlaps in the first half of this chart. I have made 3 misses and 952 perfects and rank S. Forget it- I MMed it anyway!

Aviel S.XY

This one's undoubtedly my favorite song in Chapter S. But I also hate it because I once nearly MMed this song......
then I got 1 good.


Must say, this is one epic remix. Unfortunately, the chart is a pain. Overlapping at the beginning and the end will cause some bad notes. Just... practice a lot. Luck.

Dr. Breakfast

The click drag notes make this song hard.


Sorry, but the hard part only last for about 30 sec, enough to make some miss.


Eventually, this 9 wasn't that bad at all, I still cannot Master it though.