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Cytus Million - sta - The Long Year (Hidden Song)


  • This song is hidden. To access it, go to The Ricochet in the song selection, and touch the spinning headphone on the robot version of Vanessa.

Difficulty Change log[]

Version Easy Hard
8.0 5 9


  • This is a continuation of The Ricochet.
  • This song is a remix of Cytus and Buried from Cytus Alive.
  • This is the longest song in Chapter M.
  • This is the only hidden song to have its Easy level lower than the original.
  • This and Alive: The Beginning are currently the only hidden songs to have a different name while playing.

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    550 on Easy (68.58%), 990 on Hard (77.22%)
  • Hold notes
    72 on Easy (8.98%), 116 on Hard (9.05%)
  • Drag notes
    180 on Easy (22.44%), 176 on Hard (13.73%)

Helpful Info[]

Title says it all. Very long song. Stamina worthy. Keep in time and don't stress out. The chart repeats itself a lot so it shouldn't be a hard Lv9 to deal with.


The long years means a long song...well...not, but in fact it is really long, so you only need patience.


It's very easy compared to The Ricochet. I got the MM faster.......


The title said it. Long songs are LONGGGG. But, just keep your eyes open and your coordination steady at every time; you can get a MM. Or a TP100. ^^


As many already pointed it out, this song is pretty lengthy. Many chart loops, but it requires to stay attentive to small pattern changes.