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Cytus 08 - The Fallen Bloom (The Duel) - Hoskey Chapter K Knight-0


  • This song is entitled "The Duel" on the song selection.
  • The cover art depicts the final battle between Iris and Rosabel; the cutscene near the ending of the song shows Iris killing Rosabel and thus winning the duel.
  • The cutscene remains as the cover for the song after it's been played for the first time.

Difficulty Change log

Version Easy Hard
6.0 4 7

Note Statistics

  • Click notes
    244 on Easy (87.14%), 387 on Hard (87.76%)
  • Hold notes
    30 on Easy (10.72%), 52 on Hard (11.79%)
  • Drag notes
    6 on Easy (2.14%), 2 on Hard (0.45%)


  • This is the only song in Cytus to have its cover changed after completing the song.
  • This is currently the only Hoskey song to feature human singers, rather than the Vocaloids used in his other songs.
  • This is the only non-Cytus Alive song to have a cutscene.
  • This song can also appears in Deemo.


IMG 0610.PNG


独り歩いて 過去を拒んだ
燃ゆる瞳は 貴女を見詰め
剣と 盾を 握り締め
明日と 過去は 混ざり合いぶつける
これで また きっと きっと

Ugokidasu un mei no wa
Sadame rareta ketsumatsu wa ima…
Hitori aruite kako wo kobanda
Asu wo samayou hana
Moyuru hitomi wa anata wo mitsume
Kitaru ano hi wo matsu
Itetsuita kokoro tozashi
Kako ni torawareru hana
Tsurugi to tate wo nigirishime
Sekibaku nado kokoro ni kakusu
Mi teru to kokorogaitamu
Orokana kono sekai no ubau
Kono-te de tomete miseru
Ugokidasu un mei no wa
Sadame rareta ketsumatsu no yukue
Asuto kako wa mazari ai butsukeru
Kanashimi no naka de
Kuzure yuku un mei no wa
Sadame rarenai mirai wo tsumugu
Kore de mata kitto kitto
Wakari aerudarou
Ushinawa re teru toki no naka de

The wheel of fate begins to move
Our end has been decided now
I will walk alone, leaving our past behind
While its flowers float into tomorrow
My eyes flame while I stare at you
I have waited for this day to come
The door to my heart has frozen
My past’s flowers are stuck behind
I clutch my sword and shield to me
My heart hides its loneliness
But it can’t see how it hurts others!
I will stun this foolish world-
And like that, you will be gone!
The wheel of fate begins to move
And our paths have been decided
Past and future swirl until colliding
Within our pain
The wheel of fate is crumbling
The undecided future is spun
With this it is sure
We know that if we meet
A life will be cut short

Helpful Info

Briefly, this song describes the duel between both girls, Iris and Rosabel. This song may be made electronic-ally, but the intensity and emotions do overwhelm... Oh well, the battle for us is pretty easy though, with a chart easy to get a high TP on. My favorite Hoskey song, and the most emotional in Chapter K.
— CookiesNWaffles
Too sad cutscene...That makes me miss the final note, Demn!
— SuperK2
This is the last battle between Iris and Rosabel. This song is emotional.
— Mentholzzz

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