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This template use for Navigation Song List in Cytus. Please read "How to Use" this template. Thx.

How to Use

Write {{List Songs Navbox}} at any page in source code mode

How to Add Link Content in Template

Add link page to this template. Example [[Retrospective]]

Have a Problem?

If you have any problem about editing, please contact the author who make this template.



- Added Template Navbox2 for Navigation Box
- Added Template Navbox Subgroup for Navigation Sub Box
- Added Template Tnavbar for Linking Editor and Discussion about Template use
- Added Template Linear Gradient for Coloring


- Added some Content and Picture
- Colored for Main Title Bar and Sub-Group Title Bar


- Fixed some Link Broken to Any Page
- Fixed Layout Table
- Added Collapsible Table Feature
- Fixed Bug Minor


- Renamed Main Title String "List Song" to "Song List"
- Renamed Sub-Title String "Main Chapter, Side Chapter and Teaser" to "Main Chapters, Side Chapters, and Teased Songs"
- Renamed Sub-Group Title String "Chapter Prologue and Chapter Cytus Alive" to "Chapter 0 and Cytus Alive"
- Moved Link [[The Beginning]] Page from "Cytus Alive" to "Chapter Million"
- Changed Background Main Title & Sub-Group Title Color "Orange" to "Light Blue"


- Changed Link Text Sub-Group Title Color "Default" to "Dark Green", Mark with Underline and Bold Text.
- Changed Text Main Title & Sub-Group Title Color "White" to "Black"
- Fixed Grammar & Formatting Text at Changelogs, How to Use, & How to Add Link Content


- Fixed Link Editor Template to "List Songs Navbox" Template


- Added Sub-Group Title with String "Paff", "Neko", "ROBO_Head", "Xenon", and "ConneR" for Cytus II
- Renamed Sub-Title String "Teased Songs" to "Characters"
- Moved Link [[Chrome VOX]] Page From "Characters" to "Neko"
- Moved Link [[Samurai]] Page From "Characters" to "Xenon"
- Moved Link [[Light of Buenos Aires]] Page From "Characters" to "ConneR"
- Moved Link [[同じ空の下]] Page From "Characters" to "Paff"
- Moved Link [[Celestial Sounds]] Page From "Characters" to "ROBO_Head"


- Added Documentation Page
- Removed Commentary (except: credit) in Source Code Template


Please, don't edit credit section in this template. Respect the author who make this template. Thx.

Name Template: List Song Navbox
Author: Kuroyukihime21
Version: v3.0.3
Date Created: 10 Jan 2018

Special thx to WheatyTruffles & DoctorBreakfast to help me improve for this template.
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