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Syūten was produced by Apo11o program. This song is full of everything about NEKO. No matter whether it's her as a streamer or the main character of the story, we hope that through the melody, lyrics, and song chart, everyone can experience NEKO's story once again. For those who love NEKO, how many song elements that are related to NEKO can you recognize in this song?
"Good morning."
Goodbye φωφ


Source: Apo11o Program Twitter

You've been following me in CAT(s) footprints
Arrive at the station, It's all goodbye
You've been watching the Lastdawn for a long time
Never ending story...(It is...inside your heart...)


Send from saihate
I can avoid grief, a blah...
one way communication..."No Your will"

Send from saihate
I can avoid emptiness
one way communication..."No, i...IR..."

Send from saihate
The story is rebirth
one way communication..."No!!!! I RECEIVEDΦωΦ"

I saw to many the hate
This endrole is a prologue

Thank you for your tap Last Note(s).