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Chart Statistics[]

Chart Statistics for Chaos
Length 135 BPM 131 Level 10
Scan Line
Minimum Speed 65 BPM Mode 131 BPM Maximum Speed 131 BPM
Note Type
Tap 353 Hold 5 Drag 134
Long Hold 1 Flick 16 Click Drag


Anger and deceit is all I can feel
The trust that was broken can never heal
Give them our time without burning tears
Just fall to the wasteland

Stories I heard were beyond my dreams
Part of this little adventure, hah
How I was fooled by the charm and the wit
If you're serious then brace for extremes

When I am finally free
Of the torment that couldn't be seen
The sunshine will finally come and wrap around to save my soul

I'll survive
I'll survive
I'll survive
And I'm fine all without you
Yes I'm stronger,
Oh, I'm stronger,
And it's all I believe

Manning the cost
Though hard as it seems
I keep moving on as it's always been
Fall by the wastelands
All I can see

And I know my future's waiting for me