Sleeping Beast
Streetlights (ft. CassieGemini)
Save me Now
Character PAFF BPM 174 Length 2:42
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Version 3.8 Cover Art ???
Difficulty Max Combo Chart Design
EASY 3 233 TD
HARD 6 391 TD
CHAOS 13 751 TD
GLITCH Not available Not available ???

Unlock Requirement



-Cytus II- PTB10 - Streetlights (ft. CassieGemini)


It feels like I’ve been running for a hundred years
And I don’t know how much longer I can hold my tears
And it’s cold and it’s dark and I feel the wind on the side of my face

Underneath the streetlights
See my reflection in the water on the ground
Underneath the streetlights
Wish it could have been different but I know it’s too late now
Underneath the streetlights
My mind is spinning and I don’t know what to do
Underneath the streetlights
The only thing I know is that I’m running away from you


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