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I know why they are laughing at us,
I see the sadness spread in your eyes,
Once we were dancing, singing,
Somehow it all changed,
No one else, could understand,

I know why they are laughing at us,
I see the sadness spread in your eyes,
Under the moonlight we were screaming,
Somehow it won’t change,
Stop chasing, set me free,
You don’t have to swallow your tears,
You still have me.
You don't have to cover yourself,
When no one can be trusted,
I'm still here standing beside you,
But they tore us apart,
And I still keep you inside my broken heart.

Story Significance[]

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Y̷O̴U̸ ̶K̴N̴O̵W̵ ̶W̵H̷A̸T̶ ̸I̷S̶ ̶T̵O̷ ̷C̵O̸M̷E̷ ̵ ̸ ̸ ̷
Do you still want to keep moving forward?
This page contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.
  • This song was introduced in v2.6 as the song that played on the title screen following the death of Sherry Pauline in Kyuu Hou Kai.
    • This was the first title screen introduced to only appear once, before regressing to the prior title screen. Following the completion of the main story in v3.0 this title screen, whose name was revealed to be Still Here, can be chosen any time.
    • This song only became playable over a year later with the release of v3.5.
  • Various variations of the song can be found in OS logs:
    • The pure vocals can be found in a Crystal PuNK OS Log as Chris Carpenter and Kai discuss the termination of Crystal PuNK.
    • A guitar cover of the chorus can be found in Neko's OS Log as Colin and Neko try to console Simon following Sherry's passing.
    • A violin cover of the chorus plays in Crystal PuNK's second cutscene as Simon sings to Sherry one final time.


  • The cover art is a different perspective of Still's cover art, showing Simon facing forward and Sherry facing backwards.
  • As the lyrics "And I still keep you inside my broken heart" are sung, each chart forms a divided heart using notes.
    • The EASY & HARD charts use drag-notes to form a heart
    • The CHAOS chart uses tap notes and a long hold note to form a heart.
  • As with the original version of Still, the artist Rua is an alias for KIVA and K refers to The Knight Keepers who wrote the lyrics.
    • This is the first song produced by KIVA to be released in the game following his resignation from Rayark in April 2020.
  • This is the fourth song in the game to have a second version available with the other pairings being, Blow My Mind and Blow My Mind [TPZ Overheat Remix], CHAOS and CHAOS //System Offline//, and V. and V. //System Offline//.
    • This is the only song pairing in which the original version is locked behind DLC while the second version is available for free.