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Cytus - Secret Garden

Difficulty Change Log[]

Version Easy/Combo Hard/Combo
1.0(Old Chart) 2[132] 6[238]
4.5 1 4
7.0(New Chart) 3 7

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    175 on Easy (66.04%), 356 on Hard (80.54%)
  • Hold notes
    18 on Easy (6.79%), 31 on Hard (7.02%)
  • Drag notes
    72 on Easy (27.17%), 55 on Hard (12.44%)

Notes & Trivia[]

  • There was an alternate version of this song before 7.0 came out.
    • As of 7.0, the alternate version is the current track, which is longer than the original version.

The Wikians Say...[]

FGO's QuickRun:

  • Oh, this starts off the same as Retrospective. OFFBEAT! But don't worry, this one won't harm you. In fact, you need to be cautious. The middle can kill, but the ending can throw you off your seat and into the horizon forever. That last portion is what you need to focus on ultimately. Practice.

There is a small killer at the end....


This one of the few songs to have their improvements make the song even harder. Also, this song is rather enjoyable.

Ume Sama

This song is quite tricky in general. If you're early in your hard mode run, you might get stuck on this one for some time. You need to be cautious mostly at the end, there's quite a good killer here.


Truffly Tips:

  • Yeah, yeah, the ending. Like with D R G's beginning click note pattern, the secret lies in the three-note groups at the top and bottom of the screen, except this time hold notes are added into the mix. This basically requires your reflexes to be perfect to avoid letting the hold notes go too early.
  • The beginning double note rush requires a large amount of focus. Make sure you know where both of your fingers are landing; tapping without reason will bag you nothing but Misses.
  • There are drags in the middle of the song which require you to stop immediately at the end of them to avoid overlaps. Also, the double drags following the double holds close to the ending can easily be tackled with thumbs.