Scores are the points earned and combos made at a song. The score shown above the song is the highest score you have received to date and will be changed to a higher score if you ever get a higher score. The stats button at the bottom-left corner shows your total best score for a chapter and the overall score. Scores are graded as stated below:


Score Rank Medal
1000000 Million Master [medal with the words ‘Master CYTUS’] MM
950000-999999 S [gold] S
900000-949999 A [white silver] A
800000-899999 B [grey silver] B
700000-799999 C [bronze] C
0-699999 Fail (D when posting on facebook) [none] Fail

The rank is the grade of your score where it is shown in medals at the bottom of the score of a song

  • Million Master is a perfect grade because the score had straight perfects and a perfect combo.
  • Rank S is an 'excellent' grade given because the score had very few misses or goods or few broken combos.
  • Rank A is a 'very good' grade given because the score had some mistakes.
  • Rank B is a 'good' grade given because the score had several mistakes breaking the combos.
  • Rank C is a 'pass' grade because the score had many mistakes and more weak combos.
  • Rank D is a 'fail' grade because the score had too many mistakes with a lot of weak combos and lack of practice on the song.

Technical Point (TP)Edit

The TP is a secondary level of score.

It is converted from raw score to the timing when you hit the notes.

Read more: TP
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